Kristen Murphy is a surgical student at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Born in Chicago, Kristen's parents are still together and she has one older brother. When she came to Sacred Heart she was assigned to be Turk's student. Dr. Cox was quite taken by her and he asked Turk for help in asking her out. In the end, after Turk told them it would be wrong for them to see each other, Kristen came over to Dr. Cox's apartment and had a romantic evening. ("My Student")

Days later, she plans a romantic evening for Dr. Cox and herself. He later tells her he can't make it, and when she finds out it was because he was helping Carla move furniture she also finds out he recently slept with Jordan and leaves him. ("My Tuscaloosa Heart")


  • Kristen is probably in her 30s or 40s, as Turk mistakes her for an attending upon meeting her.

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