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If it makes you feel any better, I used to dream about you dying all the time.Kim  ("My Cuz")

Dr. Kim Briggs is a urologist at St. Vincent's Hospital, and the mother of J.D.'s son Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian.

Character History

Before J.D.

Kim had worked for Sacred Heart longer than J.D. when they met. Turk had to explain that J.D. is unable to see women who wear wedding rings and as Kim was married she went unnoticed by J.D.. She still wore her wedding ring despite being divorced for a while, so as not to get into a relationship with anybody. She is "liked" by everyone else at the hospital as she does her best to please everybody and not let anyone get to know her.

Dating J.D.

J.D. noticed Kim at the end of his fifth year. J.D. worked with Kim on a patient and found himself falling for her. J.D. pursued her and encouraged her to open up. She did, even taking a serious risk in her career for him. ("My Urologist") They went out on a date horse-back riding. Though it ended rather poorly, Kim had a good time and spent a night with J.D. on his half-acre. Although they didn't have penetrative sex because J.D. didn't have a condom, he confessed later that he had ejaculated while in intimate proximity (his semen somehow made its way into her uterus and got her pregnant). Two weeks elapse and Kim revealed to J.D. she is pregnant. ("My Transition") Kim assured J.D. she was definitely pregnant and that she was certain it was his baby. ("My Mirror Image") J.D. and Kim debated whether or not to keep their baby and eventually decided not to abort. ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby") However, shortly after they decided to keep the baby, Kim was offered a another job in Tacoma, Washington which she took. ("My House")

J.D. took a road trip to Tacoma to see Kim's ultrasound. When he reached the hospital in Tacoma Kim told him she had a miscarriage. As they live so far apart, and are seemingly no longer bound by a baby, Kim broke up with J.D. However, Kim was seen getting the ultrasound revealing that she lied about having a miscarriage so that she could let J.D. go. ("My Road to Nowhere")

J.D. runs into Kim. ("My Conventional Wisdom")

Reuniting with J.D.

Kim ran into J.D. at a medical conference. J.D. noticed her obvious pregnancy, as she was months into her pregnancy. He raced out of the conference without talking to her, but she tracked him down. Her major lie made it very difficult for J.D. to forgive her, but he did so for his unborn baby. ("My Conventional Wisdom")

Birth of Sammy

All at Sacred Heart who once loved her hated her for what she did to J.D. except for The Janitor. However, J.D. did forgive her and the two moved in together and become very close again. ("My Rabbit") Just before delivering the baby, Kim found out that J.D. was with her only because of the baby. She then broke up with J.D., and delivered her child, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian. ("My Hard Labor")

Relocation & New Partner

Kim moved back within a 37-minute driving distance of Sacred Heart, and J.D. would drop Sammy off regularly at her apartment. She revealed to him and Elliot, who tagged along because she was jealous of Kim, that she was dating Elliot's ex-boyfriend Sean Kelly. J.D. got over his initial anger because he wanted Sammy to grow up in a loving environment. He then decided he wanted to move closer to Kim so he could be a bigger part of Sammy's life. ("My Cuz")



Kim and J.D. have dated, and he got her pregnant and after some doubts, they decided to have their child. Kim ended up getting a job in Tacoma, Washington and when J.D. surprised her with a visit, she told him she had a miscarriage and they broke up. It was revealed that Kim lied about the miscarriage and J.D. got back together with her and when she found out he was only with her for their child, she broke up with him once and for all before she has his child, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian. They remain amicable towards one another.

Elliot Reid

Elliot and Kim overcome their differences. ("My Cuz")

Elliot and Kim are very good friends but after Kim lies about having a miscarriage, Elliot and Carla turn on Kim although Elliot feels bad about it. ("My Road to Nowhere") After J.D. tells Kim there is no chance of them ever getting back together, everyone feels bad for her and starts treating her nicely and being mean to J.D.. Elliot becomes jealous of Kim having a child with J.D. when Elliot and J.D. begin dating yet again, and her jealousy rises when Kim begins dating Sean, but the two come to terms and are happy to be "Bajingo sisters". ("My Cuz")

Perry Cox

Dr. Perry Cox seems to like and respect Kim and is the only one friendly to her after everyone finds out about her lie to J.D. about having a miscarriage. Dr. Cox is still nice to her after that presumably because he doesn't like to show emotion toward someone he is supposed to not care about (J.D.) and/or he doesn't care at all about anything that anyone does to J.D..

Kim and Sean. ("My Cuz")

Sean Kelly

Kim began dating Sean Kelly after Elliot introduced them. They made a good couple and enjoyed being in a relationship with each other. ("My Cuz")

Personality Profile


  • Lizards
  • Zoom, zoom, zooming
  • Corny jokes
  • Sex with J.D.
  • Foreplay with Sean Kelly


  • Beets ("My Point of No Return")
  • Ultrasounds (Says that the gel feels like a whale loogie)
  • "Smell you later" ("My Chief Concern")
  • Matt Goodman
  • J.D. (after he admits he doesn't really love her)


  • FreckleFart90 (The star named after her)


  • Kim is from Texas.
  • Kim's father has dainty hands and her mother has patchy facial hair.
  • Kim is lactose intolerant.
  • Kim graduated high school in 1990.
  • Kim has the same hair cut as Owen Wilson.
  • Has a freckle on her butt.


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