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Keren Deberg is an American singer and songwriter who has written fourteen songs that have appeared in sixteen episodes of Scrubs. She also appears in an episode as a singing nurse.


Keren was born in Miami ( Daughter of Chris Deberg), Florida and started her singing career in New York City. She later moved to Los Angeles and used her voice and songs to get her music featured on many episodes of popular television series, including Laguna Beach and Everwood in addition to Scrubs. She releases her albums on her independent label. In 2008 Keren toured Europe during the UEFA under-21 soccer championship and sang the national anthem for Hong Kong in the final of this tournament. Their coach has been qouted as saying " Keren gave each one of us a moment of passion before the game which we all needed to boost our confidence and this paid dividends". One can only assume the coach was talking about Keren's singing.


  • Gone (2004)
  • Overwhelmed (2008)

Music Appearances

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Keren's music appears in the first five seasons of Scrubs and in one episode of Season Nine. Season Two features Keren's music in eight episodes.


It is unknown which episode Keren appears in as a singing nurse, but it is assumed it is the Season Six episode "My Musical".

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