Elliot, will you marry me?Keith proposing to Elliot Reid  ("My Cold Shower")

Dr. Keith "the Dude" Dudemeister is a doctor working at Sacred Heart Hospital. He began as an intern the first year that J.D. and Elliot Reid: Moment Killer were attending doctors and was a member of J.D.'s group of interns. Elliot soon began using him for convenient sex, but shortly after they became a real couple. He proposed to her the following year and she accepted. Months later she returned his ring because she realized she didn't love him. He continued to work at Sacred Heart, resenting her.

Keith is an affable and attractive doctor, and his trust in other people can sometimes lead him to uncomfortable situations. As he became a more confident doctor, he also became a more confident person.

Keith is portrayed by Travis Schuldt and appears in 39 episodes of Scrubs in seasons five, six, seven, and eight. His character first appears in "My Intern's Eyes", but Travis Schuldt isn't seen until the following episode "My Rite of Passage". He was last seen in J.D.'s final fantasy in "My Finale" and is presumed to still be working as a doctor.


Keith as an intern. ("My Way Home")

Keith Dudemeister is a medical resident at Sacred Heart. Originally, Keith was introduced as a timid intern, and found it very difficult to muster the courage to talk. ("My Intern's Eyes") But J.D. encouraged him to overcome. He thanked J.D. and began looking up to him. After a period of sucking up to J.D. ("My Rite of Passage") he eventually became very popular and adapted quickly to his hospital responsibilities. After some time, J.D. grew to dislike Keith. When Keith began dating Elliot, J.D. found himself caught in the middle. However, J.D. soon saved them both when their jobs were in jeopardy and decided that he would get along with Keith for Elliot's sake. He admitted that Keith had genuine skills as a doctor, and the two of them got along well until Elliot broke off her engagement.

Keith with his fellow interns. ("My Rite of Passage")

Keith reveals himself to be a Republican ("His Story IV"), which strengthens the relationship between him and Elliot, as she is also one. Keith has a sister named Denise who Elliot once said was very attractive. He also has an uncle named Ronald and an aunt named Alicia. His uncle Ronald "doinked" Elliot's mother.



Keith proposes to Elliot. ("My Turf War")

Keith was engaged to Elliot Reid until she called off the wedding. He became her boyfriend in his first year at Sacred Heart, although he started out as her booty call. Elliot and Keith first met in the episode "My Intern's Eyes" while hiding in the supply closet during his third day at Sacred Heart.

J.D. tells Keith that if Elliot and Keith didn't date or if Elliot actually did get sold by her sorority sisters, they would be best friends. ("My Buddy's Booty") Keith has felt the brunt of Elliot's neurotic side more than any of her other lovers (except for J.D.); Sean was equally crazy, while Paul and Jake have taken it in stride. She often drags him around, and doesn't allow him to have "cool morgue friends" or be best friends with J.D. He proposes to Elliot, who initially accepts, but upon finding out that the ring doesn't fit has to take back her "yes". ("My Turf War") Keith allows her to organize her own proposal and when he proposes again at the end of the episode, she accepts. ("My Cold Shower") After Elliot breaks off the engagement he becomes very hostile towards her calling her a "Skanky straw-haired pig whore". ("My Own Worst Enemy") Elliot apologizes a year later, only after she realizes that he is still hurt by her actions. ("My Jerks")


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J.D. and Keith didn't get off very well on the same foot, but eventually they became friends because of Elliot. However, J.D notes in a later episode that if Elliot had never come to Sacred Heart, the absence of sexual tension between the two would have enabled Keith and J.D to easily become best friends, much to Keith and J.D.'s joy. ("My Buddy's Booty") Keith also lets J.D. take naked pictures of him and send them to Kim, pretending that they are of J.D.'s body.

Despite J.D.'s animosity to him, Keith has a lot of similarities to J.D. such as expressing displays of femininity ("Their Story")  ("My Road to Nowhere"), as well as being overly sensitive, nerdy, and physically weak (despite his muscular physique). J.D. also liked to have Keith and Elliot come with him to bars so that J.D. can use him as "girl bait."

Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox and Keith initially did not interact much due to Keith being J.D.'s intern. Despite not knowing his name, Dr. Cox took notice of Keith's skill as a doctor and even stated that he was the best intern they had. ("My Cabbage"). Later Dr. Cox was forced to spend time with him due to Jordan and Elliot setting up double dates. Initially resistant to even listen to Keith, Dr. Cox does talk to him once he learns they are both Detroit Red Wings fans and later allows him to choose between discussing either good scotch ab workouts or Lee Marvin movies, though he still needed to be pushed by Carla ("My Chopped Liver"). Despite their limited time working with each other, Keith was one of the very few people in the hospital that Dr. Cox trusted to give his daughter a shot("My Hard Labor").


He seems close to Ted and they experiment with pop rocks and cola together.

Personality Profile

Keith and Elliot in bed. ("My Buddy's Booty")



  • Using coasters for his drinks
  • Elliot Reid (after getting dumped by her twice)
  • Hillary Clinton ("His Story IV")


Keith welcoming Izzy into the world. ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby")


Elliot dumping Keith. ("My Own Worst Enemy")

  • Although it is said that in German, Dudemeister means "master of dudes", the term "dude" doesn't exist in the German language.
  • In "My Intern's Eyes", when Keith was introduced, although his face wasn't shown, he apparently had bangs. Travis Schuldt did not portray him in this episode, but made his first appearance in "My Rite of Passage".
  • Keith's perspective in "My Intern's Eyes" makes him appear shorter than the majority of the other characters.
  • In "My Cabbage", Keith was the only intern, besides Lisa and Gloria, to not be given a nickname by J.D., although Dr. Cox later refers to him by the very obvious "The Dudemeister."
  • In the last episode of Season Seven, "My Princess", Elliot turns Keith down in Dr. Cox's story, showing they're no longer together; the part were he gives her the key to her chastity belt also helps prove this point.
  • Keith once made out with his sister Denise.
  • J.D. imagined him saying good-bye to him when he left Sacred Heart in "My Finale."
  • J.D., Elliot and Cox all agree Keith is the best intern of the entire class.
  • Keith nearly had a threesome with Dan Dorian and Elliot.
  • Elliot has trained Keith to pee sitting down so that she doesn't get seat splatter.
  • Elliot sometimes makes Keith wear a diaper.
  • Keith's 96-year-old grandmother is a lesbian.


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