Julie Keaton is a representative of a pharmaceutical company that sells the Anti-arrhythmia drug Plomox.


When Julie Keaton comes to Sacred Heart to inform and sell her company's new drug Plomox to the doctors, everybody is taken by her beauty. The doctors stare and can't help but flirt back when she flirts with them. She attempted to flirt with J.D. by making him take a pen from her breast pocket. Dr. Cox interrupted and told her that he disliked her for taking a helpful product and marking the price up. She argued that he used her career as an excuse not to ask her out because he was afraid from failing. After a Plomox dinner, she flirted with Perry and asked him out herself. He said no but she instantly bounced back. After some thought, he met her at a bar for a drink. ("My First Step")

Days later, Dr. Cox was very happy with his relationship with Julie. It made him nice to everybody, J.D. included. One evening while flirting on the sofa, Jordan entered Perry's apartment and revealed that she was pregnant. Although she claimed the baby wasn't Perry's, she still wanted him to be in her life. She then competed with Julie of trying to attract Dr. Cox but found it difficult due to her growing belly. Dr. Cox eventually chose Jordan over Julie. ("My Fruit Cups")


  • According to the DVD Commentary for "My First Step", NBC used her 'butt slapping' scene as a promo for Scrubs, and asked Bill Lawrence if they could get Heather Locklear in as a recurring guest.
  • One of the people she slept with was a Dr. Stone, who would later appear in My Fallen Idol.

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