Josh was J.D.'s medical student at Sacred Heart.


When Josh first appeared in My Student, he was J.D.'s med student. He made countless mistakes, and J.D. became angered that he had to clean up after all his mistakes. After a brutal telling-off, Josh quit working at the hospital. J.D. felt bad and tried to get confirmation from his friends that it was not his fault. He found Josh, packing up his things, and tried to convince him to stay. However, Josh could not be convinced to stay.

J.D. decided to get through to him by acting like Dr. Cox, the way he first got through to J.D. Josh managed to complete a simple procedure and J.D. managed to convince him to stay. ("My Student")



J.D. was the only main character with whom Josh had a relationship. It was one of antagonism, and despite the fact that he made many mistakes he tried very hard to perform well. He went to J.D's apartment and, after being let in by Turk, J.D. explained to Josh that he could not make it as a doctor. However, J.D. talked him into coming back and their friendship was repaired.



  • Despite the fact that J.D. manages to convince Josh to stay, he is never seen again.
  • Carla's nickname for Josh (Thumper) is a reference to her nickname for J.D. as well as the movie Bambi.
  • J.D treats Josh just as Dr. Cox treated him when he first started.
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