Josephine, more commonly known as Fun-Size Intern, is an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Josephine is a very short diminutive intern with an extremely high-pitched voice. She can lower it but it hurts her throat too much. ("My Hard Labor") Dr. Cox finds her voice so annoying that he forbids her from using it and asks her to write down anything she wishes to say to him. He subsequently decides that her mode of writing is even more irritating than her voice, due to her habit of using hearts instead of dots above her 'i's and placing frowny faces at the end of sentences. Boon is often forced to speak in place of her. ("My Hard Labor") J.D. and Turk made her use her annoying voice to make the "mothership" noise when they played Space Invaders with the interns. ("My Bad Too")


She begins dating Snoop Dogg Attending in "My Own Worst Enemy".



  • She is played by Scrubs writer Aseem Batra.
  • She gives Snoop Dog Attending "Wowzers in his trousers".
  • Appears as a cameo in the episode "My Finale".

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