Joe Hutnik was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Joe is a very agreeable man. When he was admitted to Sacred Heart, Dr. Cox took a quick liking to him and diagnosed him quickly. When he found out Joe had Lyme disease, he had Fun-Size Intern search his body for a tick bite. After she couldn't find it, he asked Turk about possible surgical issues. Turk took a liking to him too, but couldn't find anything wrong with him either. Once Dr. Kelso found out that the two doctors were keeping a patient they couldn't diagnose or treat, he told them to kick him out. They transferred him to dermatology to buy some time, but Kelso found out their plan. At the request, Kelso asked Joe to leave himself, but he liked him too much to kick him out. While studying possible diagnosis, Dr. Beardface gave them a hint to the tick bite's whereabouts - on Joe's head, under his hair. ("My Own Worst Enemy")


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