Jimmy is an orderly at Sacred Heart Hospital.


8x1 Jimmy

Jimmy groping J.D. ("My Jerks")

Jimmy is a very touchy-feely guy, although thanks to J.D. he only touches people above the waist. When Ted was accidentally thrown out of a wheelchair, Jimmy massaged him thinking he was hurt. He later gave Dr. Maddox a face massage and she fired him. ("My Jerks")

8x10 Jimmy Turk

Jimmy massaging Turk. ("My Comedy Show")

8x17 Ted Jimmy

Jimmy and Ted. ("My Chief Concern")

After Dr. Maddox was forced out by the board, Jimmy was rehired, and continued to give massages to Sacred Heart employees again. ("My Happy Place") Since he was re-hired, Jimmy has returned to his touchy self and even performed in the annual sketch show. ("My Comedy Show") Janitor invited Jimmy to be a member of the Brain Trust, but did not appreciate his constant touching. ("My Chief Concern")

He is seen in J.D's last fantasy at Sacred Heart, massaging Dr. Beardface. ("My Finale")

Personality Profile

8x1 Jimmy massages Taylor

Jimmy massaging Dr. Maddox ("My Jerks")

8x4 Jimmy and JD

Jimmy massages J.D. ("My Happy Place")




8x17 Jimmy on Todd

Todd enjoys Jimmy's touching. ("My Chief Concern")

  • Jimmy can impersonate the following celebrities:

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