I was hoping that you would hate the name so much that you wouldn't be able to hide your spite from your daughter and she would love me more than you.Jordan

Jennifer Dylan "J.D." Cox (b. 2007) is the daughter of Dr. Perry Cox & Jordan Sullivan. She has an older brother named Jack, who is also her godfather.


6x22 Jordan and Jennifer Dylan

Jennifer and Jordan in "My Point of No Return"

Jennifer Dylan Cox is the daughter of Perry Cox and Jordan Sullivan. She was born on the day Laverne Roberts died. Dr. Cox didn't want anyone to know that Jennifer had been born on that day because he didn't want her birthday to be associated with Laverne's death. Dr. Cox promised Jordan that he'd get well-wishers for the baby but he couldn't do it. When no one turned up and only J.D. was there, Jordan took J.D.'s advice and named her "Jennifer Dylan" or "J.D.". She also made J.D. Jennifer's godfather, much to Perry's annoyance. ("My Long Goodbye") However, Perry managed to convince Jordan to make their older son Jack Jennifer's godfather instead and Carla Espinosa is made Jennifer's godmother.

Jennifer required an emergency surgery while still in the womb in the third trimester, she was not absorbing amniotic fluid properly and required a urinary shunt to ensure that she was clearing fluid from her lungs. Cox insisted that Turk be present during the surgery because he was prevented from doing so by hospital protocol. Following the surgery, Turk informed Cox of the success of the procedure and the sex of the baby. However, Cox was concerned that the baby would have problems during childbirth because "any baby that has surgery before birth will have problems."


  • Daughter of Dr. Cox and Jordan
  • Sister of Jack Cox
  • Goddaughter of Turk and Carla



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