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Dr. Jeffrey Steadman is a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Jeffrey Steadman is a "no-nonsense" doctor at Sacred Heart. He was the original resident for J.D. and Elliot, although interestingly he is rarely seen associating with either of them in a professional sense in what could be considered a standard relationship between an attending and their intern where they instruct and teach. He dislikes being called "Jeff". He is a frequent character in J.D.'s fantasies because he is a very cut and dry person, in fact, one of J.D's first fantasies involved J.D. daydreaming during Steadman's introduction and Steadman repeating the phrase "I'm a tool," several times. On one occasion he can be seen hassling and being sarcastic to Elliot when she makes mistakes. ("My First Day")

Dr. Steadman is last seen when he is seen competing for Residency Director with Dr. Cox. It is still assumed he is working at Sacred Heart. ("My Lucky Night")


He has a husband. ("My Lucky Night")


  • Dr. Steadman appears in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart, commenting that "it" is "like a baguette", referring to Dr. Kelso's penis. ("My Finale")
  • In the first season, Dr. Steadman is a resident, yet appears older than every other resident who appears in the series, and wears a lab coat, as if he were an attending.

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