Jason "Cabbage" Cabbagio was an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital, but currently works at Coffee Bucks.


Jason helps J.D. and Keith build a house. ("My Rite of Passage")

During J.D.'s fifth year at Sacred Heart, Jason was one of J.D.'s interns. He initially sucked up to him. ("My Rite of Passage") J.D. grew attached to Jason even though there were more skilled interns to be proud of. He specifically favored Cabbage over Keith Dudemeister. Cabbage constantly made mistakes during his time as an intern. One day, when leaving the hospital Cabbage stopped to pick up a used glove and drop it into a waste bin. He then accidentally spread an infection to Mrs. Wilk when he thanked her for being so kind to him. After Dr. Cox forces J.D. to realize that he's letting his personal feelings for Cabbage get in the way of realizing that he is never going to be a good doctor, J.D. is forced to let him go. ("My Cabbage") He returns as an employee of the Hospital's new Coffee Bucks ("My Coffee")


Jason's last day as an intern. ("My Cabbage")


  • J.D.'s favorite intern, affectionately named Cabbage, J.D allowed him to take a day off to go see King Kong, due in large part to his "dynamite ape impression."
  • Cabbage bears a striking resemblance to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
  • Cabbage is on Dr. Cox's "Sometimes Allowed" list even though he is not part of the medical staff at the time the list is made.
  • He appears again on J.D.'s last day at Sacred Heart as part of J.D.'s fantasy of a long line of people, alive and dead, to see J.D. off when he leaves the hospital. ("My Finale")

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