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Well, you look fantastic! And, you know, I don't mean "Hey, dude, check out that hot bitty at the bar!" 'fantastic' -- I'm talking about "I'm sorry for your loss" 'fantastic'.J.D.  ("My Interpretation")

Jamie Moyer, or the T.C.W. was Jack Moyer's wife, now widow.


Jamie Moyer, also known as the Tasty Coma Wife (T.C.W.), became interested in J.D. when she realized that she needed to move on with her personal life. J.D. met Jamie because she was the wife of Jack Moyer, a comatose car crash victim.


Jamie in "My Finale"

While J.D. was trying to find someone to grab a beer with, Jamie overheard him and went out to the bar as his wingman. The next day she called the hospital for his address and came to his apartment to ask him out on a date. She stated that she was ready to start her life over, so after some thought J.D. took her out for Chinese food. Because Jack was still in a coma, J.D. didn't want Jamie to move too quickly so they decided to put their feelings on hold while Jamie sorted out her life. ("My T.C.W.")

When her husband eventually died, Jamie was free to date J.D., and they had sex in a closet at Jack's funeral. ("My Interpretation") However, since a relationship with J.D. was no longer taboo, Jamie soon lost interest in it. J.D. tried to "keep the drama going" as long as he could, but he eventually came clean about the fact that he was inventing drama to save their relationship. ("My Drama Queen") It is unclear when or why they break up.

During J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart, Jamie claims that he "never called," a possible explanation for the end of their relationship. ("My Finale")


  • Tasty Coma Wife
  • T.C.W.


  • Jamie appeared in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart as he walked out.
  • She shares the name of major league baseball player Jamie Moyer, known for being the oldest pitcher to win a game.
  • In the movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Just Friends, Amy Smart's character is also named Jamie.

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