Season Three


J.D. is stuck with a particularly difficult patient and needs help from a radiologist. The on-call radiologist refuses to help and J.D. can't get any assistnace from Dr. Cox. Turk, Carla, and Elliot are willing to help but the radiologist doesn't respect them. After her makeover, Elliot convinces Dr. Moyer to run the tests, and after some gentle coaxing from Dr. Cox, J.D. figures out the woman's illness. ("My Own American Girl")

My Journey

J.D. at SeaWorld ("My Journey")

J.D. is jealous that Sean is back in Elliot's life, and also worried that his relationship with Turk will change now that he and Carla have set a date for their wedding. He can't understand why Turk is so reluctant to acknowledge how close their bond as best friends is, and in particular to go out and celebrate their friendship. A patient of Turk's makes the reason clear: He is gay, and the resemblance of him and his life partner to J.D. and Turk is uncanny. After Turk discusses his problem with J.D. with his gay patient, who makes him feel better, Turk and J.D. do go out for a celebration, and their friendship is restored. ("My Journey")

After J.D., Turk, and Elliot get their own set of interns, they realize that they all have their individual teaching techniques. J.D. is having problems teaching one of his interns, and he turns to Elliot for help. Elliot refers the intern to her boyfriend, Sean, who gives training tips that he learned at SeaWorld. J.D. hates getting help with his interns from Sean, but then Sean points out that the reason why he has problems with his interns is because they don't respect them because he wants to be their friend. J.D. realizes that, in this case, it is better to be respected than to be liked. ("My White Whale")

J.D. muses about how he has adapted to life at the hospital, such as using Dr. Cox's rant time to get lots more patient work done. However, when J.D. asks him for a letter of recommendation so he can apply for a fellowship, Dr. Cox explains that J.D. needs to start doing things for himself. The next day Dr. Cox asks J.D. to go with him to a meet-and-greet dinner, and J.D. agrees to do it in return for Dr. Cox writing his recommendation. Dr. Cox declines and asks Jordan. At the bar J.D. feels like the left-out fifth wheel. When Sean leaves Elliot, J.D. decides to tell Elliot his true feelings. He goes to her apartment but unfortunately realizes that Sean is back. ("My Lucky Night")

My Brother, Where Art Thou?

Dan visits Sacred Heart
("My Brother, Where Art Thou?")

J.D., who is still angry about Elliot being in love with Sean calls his brother, Dan. Dan comes down because his mother is getting remarried. J.D. brings Dan to work, and he meets Dr. Cox. Perry asks if Dan could possibly tail him for the day. Perry refuses, but after Dr Cox finds out that J.D. wanted him to say no he changes his mind. Dan stays around longer because he is angry about J.D.'s attitude. They start fighting, and Dan says that they are brothers and that all that counts, but J.D. thinks otherwise. The next day when Dan leaves, he tells Dr. Cox to not take advantage of J.D.'s trust. ("My Brother, Where Art Thou?")

My Advice to You

J.D. and Danni ("My Advice to You")

J.D. is having problems getting over Elliot because she is always around. In the elevator, J.D. meets a young lady named Danni Sullivan. She tells him a lousy story, but then explains that she has an inner monologue, just like J.D.. Later, J.D. searches for Danni who is having dinner with her sister. He asks her out for coffee and pie and she says yes. He was very happy about finding a girl, but just at that moment Jordan come to find J.D. with Danni, who reveals that Danni is her sister. ("My Advice to You")

After J.D. has realized that Danni is Jordan's sister, J.D. is spending more time with Dr. Cox outside of the hospital, and Dr. Cox fears that he may have to spend more time with him inside the hospital. Dr. Cox and J.D. have a new patient, and although she wants to speak about her problems, they only speak to her for a maximum of fifteen seconds. When J.D., Dr. Cox, Jordan and Danni are out having a meal, J.D. and Dr. Cox realizes they can't just talk to their patient in 15 second periods, and leave the restaurant to find their patient and to find out how she really feels. ("My Fifteen Seconds")

My Friend the Doctor

J.D. runs to a patient ("My Friend the Doctor")

While watching The Fugitive, J.D. sees Janitor in one scene and believes Janitor is actually an actor. He later confronts Janitor who reveals it was just a one-time job. Meanwhile, Elliot has been feeling neglected that everyone else in the hospital gets to do heroic deeds while she misses out. J.D. beats her to a coding patient and he gets all the praise. Later, Elliot gets another code and runs to get to it, but again J.D. catches up and gets to the door first. He waits at the door and lets Elliot take care of it. ("My Friend the Doctor")

Dr. Cox, after taking advice from J.D., moves in with J.D. and Turk temporarily as a result of not being able to handle his relationship with Jordan. J.D. is thrilled to spend time with Perry, but soon Jordan and Dr. Cox resolve their argument, and J.D. is stuck babysitting Jack. ("My Dirty Secret")

J.D. realizes he doesn't want Danni to move in and tries to convince her not to, but she has already got a set of keys for the apartment. J.D. helps Carla and Elliot try to pick up a male prostitute for a patient, but he is arrested. After being released, Danni moves in with J.D. which he is not happy about. ("My Rule of Thumb")

Danni tells J.D. "I love you" and Turk is surprised they are using the L-word. After being coerced into browsing apartments for rent, J.D. decides he needs to break up with Danni. He hesitates because he knows how hard it is to find a woman willing to sleep with him. J.D. calls Danni and she reveals how her life has been scattered lately but he was the only thing keeping it together. J.D. tries to break-up with her but sees Elliot sad so he goes talk to her. She says he looks busy but replies he always has time for her. Later, Jordan sees J.D. outside and tells him Danni is breaking up with him. J.D. wants to talk to her but Turk snaps him out of it. Danni finds J.D. and she says that when he called her earlier he didn't switch off his cell phone while talking to Elliot. He is still not over Elliot and no one will have a chance to get close to him. J.D. decides to wait for Elliot but that the waiting time "is gonna suck". ("My Clean Break")

My Catalyst

J.D. and Dr. Casey ("My Catalyst")

J.D. asks Dr. Cox for some help with a patient, but is shocked when Dr. Cox tells J.D. to do it himself, and that he admitted he doesn't know much about the patient's illness. When Dr. Kevin Casey visits Sacred Heart, J.D. is interested to know what Dr. Cox was like as a resident. As he watches Dr. Casey, J.D. thinks it would be good if Dr. Casey was his mentor. Dr. Casey is challenged to a quiz with Dr. Cox, where residents try and ask them difficult questions to see who is the best doctor. J.D. asks a question that he knows Dr. Cox doesn't know, much to the embarrassment to Dr. Cox. While searching for Dr. Casey to ask to mentor him, J.D. finds him madly washing his hands in post-op. J.D realizes that even if Dr. Casey is better than them, he has to put up with a lot more than them. ("My Catalyst")

My Porcelain God

J.D. and Casey on the roof ("My Porcelain God").

Turk asks J.D. to be the best man at his wedding, but J.D. hears a message from Turk's brother that reveals that Turk had first asked his brother to be his best man. Turk later explains that he only asked his brother because he knew that his brother wouldn't be able to make it. He seeks Dr. Casey for emotional support, and learns that he is leaving the hospital. Dr. Casey still cleans J.D.'s head and helps him understand that Turk was trying to make everyone happy. ("My Porcelain God")

When Ben Sullivan is re-admitted to Sacred Heart, Dr. Cox asks J.D. to run some tests on Jack even though he is taking care of Mr. Taylor. J.D. reluctantly agrees and twenty minutes later Mr. Taylor dies. When Cox returns, J.D. regretfully informs Cox that the patient died and Cox, very unfairly, blames J.D. for his death, takes all of his patients and dismisses him from the hospital for the rest of the night. Two days later, Cox now looks disheveled as he has been on call for sixty hours. J.D. tells him that Jordan wants Cox to show up that afternoon for the event. ("My Screw Up")

Two weeks after Ben's death, J.D. stalks Dr. Cox to talk about his feelings. J.D. tells Jordan's friends they should leave, but they say he just wants to kiss Perry's ass. Dr. Cox tells J.D. not to stick his head into his affairs anymore and J.D. says he won't do it anymore. ("My Tormented Mentor")

At the reception, Turk and J.D. watch a butterfly land on a busty woman's breasts, and the two stare for a while before walking off but J.D. walks straight into Laverne who drops all the drinks she was carrying. This leads to Carla forgetting to bring Turk's lucky do-rag. Later, J.D. and Dr. Cox begin to treat Mr. Strauss, a patient that they believe has a GI bleed. Dr. Cox lets J.D. take the lead on the patient, but J.D. tries to help Elliot find a stuffed dog for another patient. Mr. Strauss codes and J.D. finds out he missed Mr. Strauss' aortic dissection. Mr. Strauss dies in surgery. J.D. then wonders how things would be different if the butterfly landed on a fat man's chest instead, and how the whole series of events were caused because of that one butterfly. This time around, Carla brings the do-rag and Elliot finds the stuffed dog. J.D. successfully diagnoses Mr. Strauss' aortic dissection, but the patient still dies in surgery. ("My Butterfly")

J.D. and Carla go out for Mardi Gras and get beads which solidate their friendship. Carla then uses these "friendship beads" to convince J.D. not to tell Turk that Carla has been having doubts about getting married, as well as that she has been seeing an old friend, Ron Ramirez that she used to have an interest in. While Carla is out with Ron, Turk also confides in J.D. about how much Carla is annoying him. Later, Carla decides to admit to Turk about her doubts with her engagement, and looses all her doubts once she has done so. ("My Moment of Un-Truth")

3x18 JD Elliot

J.D. and Elliot ("His Story II").

When Elliot is sad that she cannot perform as the clown in Pediatrics, J.D. helps her out and appears as the clown. He does a poor job and Janitor, who is also a clown, systematically abuses him. When Elliot learns from her patient that a good man is there for you when you don't ask and that J.D. was the clown for her, she has sex with J.D. before Sean walks in right after. Sean explains that he could tell Elliot needed him, and she abruptly runs off with him, leaving J.D. in the apartment alone. ("His Story II")

J.D., filled with emotions, decides to start up a relationship with Danni again, who is now a chain smoker, alcoholic and very rude. Eventually, J.D. and Danni realize that they don't like each other, and are only continuing to date because they would rather date someone they don't like than be alone. ("My Choosiest Choice of All")

J.D. and Danni break off their relationship. After seeing everyone else "go down swinging," J.D. finally decides to come clean about his feelings to Elliot. Moved by J.D.'s confession, Elliot eventually breaks up with Sean, and chooses to be with J.D. But as she curls up on the couch with him, J.D. comes to the horrifying realization that he doesn't want what he had been coveting for so long after all. ("My Fault")

3x22 JD gets Sean to talk to Elliot

J.D. convinces Sean to talk to Elliot ("My Best Friend's Wedding").

J.D. wakes up with Elliot in his arms the morning after stealing her away from Sean, and he realizes that being with Elliot wasn't what he wanted after all. After asking Danni and her new partner for advice, however, J.D. resigns himself to the fact he might as well stay in a relationship with Elliot even if he doesn't love her. At the rehearsal dinner, however, J.D. tells Elliot the truth by casually saying "I don't love you." Elliot lashes out, knocking J.D. over the table in front of everyone, but then resumes eating dinner nonchalantly. ("My Self-Examination")

Although Elliot is still extremely upset with him, J.D. and Turk decide to resolve a pact they made years ago; the first one of the two to get married has to caddy naked for the other one in a game of tennis ball golf, so celebrate the last time they are together unmarried. While waiting for Turk to arrive at the wedding, J.D. takes the time to convince Sean to take back Elliot. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

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