Season Seven


Finding themselves in a compromising position, J.D. and Elliot prepare to kiss. Elliot changes her mind at the last second, and they agree that it almost happened because they are both nervous about their current relationships. J.D. later realizes that he almost kissed Elliot because he always is ruining his relationships. He then realizes he sabatoges many other things in his life. He vows to attempt to be less self destructing. However, no one seems to care that he is successful in his efforts. ("My Own Worst Enemy")

7x2 JD holds Sam

J.D. holds his son ("My Hard Labor")

J.D. becomes a father when Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is born at Sacred Heart. Prior to the delivery, J.D. rode on a roller coaster of emotions. First, he talked with Turk how he hoped one day he would find himself in love with Kim. When he is paged to the hospital, he agrees to give Kim the epidural as painlessly as possible. However, he runs out of time because he and Kim talk about their relationship. Kim eventually figures out that he doesn't love her, but hopes to one day. She then breaks up with him because she doesn't want him there only for the baby's sake. He is kicked out of the delivery room, and later after being talked to by Dr. Cox and seeing Dr. Kelso comfort his son on the phone and Turk and Carla, he enters the delivery room uninvited, but stays to watch the birth of his son. ("My Hard Labor")

J.D. is a having a rough time after Kim and Sam move away, and to make things worse his brother Dan returns with the news that he has moved out of his mom's attic and found a job as a real estate agent. This especially annoys J.D. as he normally uses Dan's life as a way of finding perspective in his own. Dan knows J.D. is having a rough time and surprises him with a new car. J.D. disdains Dan's new found success and the notion of Dan giving him a car, so he breaks the windshield, stating that Dan is supposed to be the family screw-up. Dan tells J.D. that he needs to "grow up," which is reciprocated by everyone J.D. later asks, including Turk. J.D. accepts his brother and takes him to visit his new nephew Sam. J.D and Dan are then driving back, while Dan makes a statement that his nephew looks just like their dad. ("My Inconvenient Truth")

My Identity Crisis

Janitor quizzes J.D. ("My Identity Crisis")

J.D., in the process of mocking the Janitor's social skill, claims to be a 'Man of the People'. After he calls Nurse Shirley "Lavernegan", the Janitor calls him a fraud as he uses nicknames for people in the hospital whose names he doesn't actually know, of which there are many. He challenges J.D. to learn the names of all the Hospital's staff, otherwise J.D. will have to take over as the Janitor for a day. If J.D. wins, the Janitor will (actually) do his own job for a day. J.D. finally learns everyone's name in the hospital, but loses the bet because he does not know the Janitor's name. ("My Identity Crisis")

My Growing Pains

J.D. and Turk with their kids ("My Growing Pains")

When J.D. and Turk take a trip down memory lane to their first prank together while planning another, Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he has to "grow up" due to his new responsibilities of fatherhood. J.D. tells Turk that they need to act their age, and Turk tries to convince J.D. that he doesn't need to completely lose his inner child. Turk tortures J.D. by trying to get him to play some of their childish games, like Find the Saltine. Eventually, Turk manages to make J.D. realize that his new responsibilities do not necessarily preclude his individual expression; according to Turk, there is no reason for J.D. to "change who he is." The episode ends with J.D. and Turk playing at "World's Most Giant Black Doctor", asking people to sign a petition to make the hospital more giant-accessible. ("My Growing Pains")

7x6 JD at computer

J.D. is #1 ("My Number One Doctor")

When Dr. Kelso signs the hospital up to, Turk and Dr. Cox go to great lengths to get J.D. out of the running of becoming number one doctor on the website. They trick patients into believing the The Todd is J.D. so that they lower J.D.'s rating. J.D. can't believe that Turk went to these extremes. Turk talks to Dr. Kelso about the situation and he changes J.D.'s rating back. Turk pays him back by letting him win at basketball and yelling "White Lightning" every time he scores. ("My Number One Doctor")

J.D. gets a patient, Emery Redmond, who is suffering from burns. Emery tells J.D. that he needs to be out of the hospital by the next Saturday for his high school graduation, and J.D. lets him know he will do all he can. J.D. asks Elliot for advice about getting Emery to his graduation, but J.D. instantly disregards her advice and promises to take Emery to his graduation Elliot later confronts J.D. about not heeding her advice but he tells her that he was just looking for someone to back up his decision. A few moments later Cox tells J.D. that Emery's burns have become infected. Lloyd, Turk, Carla, and Elliot manage to sneak Emery to his graduation in an ambulance. Back at the hospital, J.D. asks why Elliot helped him, and she said it's because they were friends. They then make a pact to always make time to hang out with each other even if they were dating other people.("My Bad Too")

7x8 JD and Turk excited about Janitorial

J.D. and Turk read The Janitorial ("My Manhood")

When J.D. tries to change the channel to West Side Story for Sam, Turk beats him in a game of remote control wrestling. The two are excited to be featured on the cover of the first issue of The Janitorial. Dr. Cox insults him for taking pride in being non-manly. J.D. decides that he needs to be a manlier father figure for Sam. He takes the remote from Turk who then wrestles him. J.D. elbows him in the nose, and rather than being polite mocks him in front of other doctors. J.D. must evade Turk for the rest of the day because he is afraid Turk will fight him. J.D. hides in the cafeteria with Carla and Elliot. Carla reveals that Turk didn't spend a week with his brother, but had a testicle removed. J.D. is upset that Turk did not tell him this, and Turk says it is because he does not want to feel like less of a man. In the end, J.D. decides that he needs to teach his son that it is important to be yourself, and Turk learns that he is still manly, despite his condition. ("My Manhood")

7x9 JD and Turk on computer

J.D. and Turk investigate ("My Dumb Luck")

A patient of Dr. Cox - Alex Macrae - is back in the hospital for a condition that Cox has been unable to diagnose for two years. J.D. and Turk are aware of this, so they decide to rile up Dr. Cox. When Dr. Cox emerges from Mr. Macrae's room with a urine sample. He treats J.D. and Turk as orderlies and asks them to take the patient's urine sample for analysis. After accidentally leaving it outside in the sunlight, it turns purple. They Google it and diagnose the patient. ("My Dumb Luck")

7x11 Elliot and JD III

J.D. and Elliot in a fairy tale ("My Princess")

Elliot and J.D. seek out a former patient in order to give him compensation for prescribing a Plomox, which later was found to have several negative side effects. They wait for Elliot's patient, Adam Candy, at a fast food joint. J.D. gets bored and wishes Turk was with them, Elliot resents this saying she can goof around just as well as Turk. To pass the time, they play a prank on the restaurant's manager. It all goes wrong when the manager gets in an heated argument with a customer, and the customer drags the manager into his car before driving off. The pair are asked questions by a police officer, before finding that Elliot contacted the wrong Adam Candy. J.D. realizes the reason Elliot was so obsessed with finding this former patient was purely to see if he was still alive. He confronts her about this minor lie, and they realize they are nowhere near as close as they used to be. Later on, they rekindle their friendship playing with Sam and talking over coffee. ("My Waste of Time")

After having a bad day at the hospital, Dr. Cox goes home to find out he has to tell his son Jack a story. So he retells his day as a Medieval fairy tale. In the fairy tale, Perry gives J.D. the role of the Village Idiot. The fairy tale also tells the story of Elliot's recent patient, Marian. Elliot asked J.D. to help her diagnose Marian. They eventually remember over-hearing an intern reading from a medical book. At the end of the day, the two doctors explore the possibility of having feelings for each other. ("My Princess")

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