Season One

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Frightful First Days

J.D. starts his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital with his college friend Chris Turk. He meets Nurse Carla Espinosa as he freezes during a routine IV placement, as well as his mentor, Doctor Perry Cox. J.D. finds himself enamored by Elliot Reid when he first meets her during rounds with Dr. Bob Kelso. He also has the misfortune of getting on the Janitor's bad side, which haunts him for the rest of his days at the hospital. ("My First Day")

J.D. gets a smoking patient, Will Forte, who is in for a cancer screening. It then turns out that Will doesn't have cancer, but J.D. tries to persuade Will to stop smoking. When J.D. asks Dr. Cox for help, several people tell him that Cox is a jerk. J.D. decides that Cox is just lonely and visits him at home with a couple of beers. When closing the door in front of J.D.'s face, he hurts J.D.'s leg and takes him inside to treat the injury. Then Cox's friends come in to watch a football game and he kicks J.D. out. ("My Mentor")

While they're talking about their stressful work days, Elliot tries to kiss J.D. but before he can do it, Dr. Cox enters interrupts them. J.D. thinks that he has only 48 hours to kiss Elliot or they will just remain friends. While treating Mr. Bidwell, J.D. fears that Turk has forgotten something inside of the patient, but it turns out that it was J.D.'s error. J.D. remembers that he has only 30 seconds left to kiss Elliot. He gets to her in time, but when he wants to kiss her, she just wants to talk. J.D. is disappointed and in his imagination he is now stuck in the "Friend Zone". ("My Best Friend's Mistake")

1x4 JD Sits with Mrs Tanner

J.D. sits with Mrs. Tanner. ("My Old Lady")

J.D.'s patient, Mrs. Tanner, sneaks out of the hospital to celebrate her granddaughter's birthday in the park. J.D. goes there and takes her back to the hospital. She explains that she wants to make her own decisions before she can't make any more. When her tests come back with bad news, Mrs. Tanner chooses to die because she thinks she is old enough and doesn't want to have dialysis. She tells J.D. to go on a picnic before she passes away. ("My Old Lady")

My Two Dads

J.D. is caught in the middle of a fight between Cox and Kelso. ("My Two Dads")

J.D. tries to convince Elliot that she should show her boobs to a sick boy. Dr. Cox becomes mad at J.D. when he finds out that Cox was using a patient's insurance to cover a poor person. Dr. Kelso invites him for a round of golf, but Dr. Cox tags along as well. During the game, Cox and Kelso try to get J.D. on their side. In the end, J.D. decides to be on Cox's side, causing Kelso to suspend Cox from the hospital. ("My Two Dads")

J.D. gets assigned an important board member, Jordan Sullivan, but he finds her packing and ready to leave. He gets mad, which Jordan finds very hot, so they sleep together. Later, Cox informs him that Jordan is his ex-wife but J.D. does not reveal that they slept together. J.D. asks Jordan if she would help the still suspended Perry. Dr. Cox keeps his job and thanks J.D. for helping him. ("My Bad")

My Super Ego

J.D. and rival intern Nick Murdoch. ("My Super Ego")

Finding his Groove as a Doctor

An intern, Nick Murdoch, is equally as good a doctor as J.D.. J.D. and Nick have a lot common, and Nick seems to be a rival for J.D. Eventually Nick surpasses J.D. as the leader of the interns, after he is asked to write a paper for Dr. Cox, and after he takes a bullet for the other interns. Later, J.D. and Nick talk and J.D. realizes that Nick isn't so bad after all. As soon as J.D. gets back running an errand for Nick, he can't be found. Nick can't handle a child's deteriorating condition, and quits Sacred Heart. ("My Super Ego")

A news team is covering a protest and J.D. and Turk resuscitate a cameraman who passed out, and are named heroes by the news channel. Later, J.D. gets nervous when he finds out Dr. Cox will be evaluating him. When asked about the evaluation, Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he is too busy to evaluate him, and tells J.D. to fill out his own evaluation form. After J.D. stands up to Dr. Cox the next day, Dr. Cox agrees to evaluate him. During the evaluation, Dr. Cox rips into J.D., stating his biggest problem is that he is insecure about himself. Unbeknownst to J.D., at a meeting with the board of directors Dr. Cox gives flying reviews of J.D.. ("My Fifteen Minutes")

My Day Off

J.D. as a patient. ("My Day Off")

During J.D.'s rare day off, he visits the bar. He passes out and is admitted to Sacred Heart. There, J.D. receives an uncomfortable physical from Elliot. Elliot believe he has appendicitis. When he learns that Turk will be performing the surgery, J.D. asks Dr. Wen for another surgeon. His fever rises and he is immediately admitted into surgery. Turk performs the surgery, and J.D. later apologizes to Turk for not trusting him. When there is still twenty minutes left to Thanksgiving, J.D., Carla, Turk, Elliot, and Dr. Cox meet at the bar for drinks. ("My Day Off")

J.D. is nervous that Carla will be upset that he is advancing in medicine as a doctor. Carla yells at Dr. Cox for using J.D. as a punching bag, and Perry passes it on to J.D. in front of a lot of people. J.D. then yells at Carla for calling him Bambi. After she accepts his apology, but the next evening she explains how she's tired of interns outgrowing her and how J.D. is the first intern to make her feel bad about what she does. The next day at the hospital, J.D. attempts to rebuild their relationship slowly but surely. He comes to terms with her calling him "Bambi". ("My Nickname")

My Nickname

J.D. and Carla ("My Nickname").

The day of Christmas Eve, as J.D. prepares to break bad news about a patient to the family, the patient wakes up. Later that day, Dr. Cox recruits J.D. to videotape the birth of his friends' Mrs. and Mr. Wheeler. J.D. accidentally does not record the birth, so Dr. Cox must use a different tape and lie to the new parents. ("My Own Personal Jesus")

Dating Alex

Dr. Cox delegates several responsibilities to J.D. so he can have a 24 hour death-free period, ignoring Elliot's request to help. J.D. is asked to watch a social worker who slipped on a wet floor, so he asks Dr. Cox to give Elliot some responsibilities. J.D. keeps the social worker company during her MRI, the machine breaks and she gets trapped inside. They flirt, and J.D. wonders if she is cute or not. After getting no helpful answers from co-workers, he decides to take a chance and ask her out ("My Blind Date").

My Balancing Act

J.D. and Alex make time for a date. ("My Balancing Act")

On his date with the social worker, Alex, J.D. can't help but staring but the date ends with Dr. Cox paging J.D.. Alex wants a date that ends with either a kiss or breakfast the morning after. That evening, J.D. shows up 80 minutes late for his date with Alex to find that she has already left. The next day he attempts to apologize but gets dumped. J.D. later finds Alex on a date with another guy, and he begs for a second chance. The next day, J.D. gets paged to "turn around" and Alex is there with a picnic basket. They kiss and have a romantic picnic dinner on the floor in the hospital. ("My Balancing Act")

J.D. and Alex haven't had sex yet because Turk and later Elliot interrupt just as J.D. and Alex start to get passionate. After some Percocet goes missing, Elliot accuses a recovering addict patient, while Alex defends him, putting J.D. in the middle. After siding with Alex, J.D. finds the pills in Alex's purse and learns that Alex is the true thief, and when he apologizes to Elliot for accusing her of being jealous, she admits she was. She then advances on him and they make out. ("My Drug Buddy")

My Bed Banter & Beyond

J.D. and Elliot spend their first day in bed. ("My Bed Banter & Beyond")

Rebound with Elliot

J.D. and Elliot spend the entire day in bed eating pizza and having sex. The next couple of days the two secretly make out in supply closets, stairwells, on the rooftop, in patient's rooms, and elevators. Dr. Cox catches them kissing and lets them know that everybody already knows and nobody cares about their "secret" relationship. The next week J.D. offends Elliot with a crude joke, and the incident happens the next week as well. Later, Dr. Cox is ranting at Elliot and J.D. sides with Dr. Cox. This leads to an argument in the break room about J.D. worrying too much about getting people to like him, and the two walk away--going their separate ways. ("My Bed Banter & Beyond")

J.D. and Elliot try to avoid each other around the hospital. That night, Dr. Cox forces J.D. to go to a bar where they spend the night drinking, and Cox tells J.D. that he can't take it anymore at the hospital. Much to the confusion of J.D. Dr. Cox comes to work the next day in a good mood. Dr. Cox explains that everybody needs to release their emotions at times. Elliot forgives J.D., and they along with Turk and Carla throw food off the roof of the hospital, much to the Janitor's horror. ("My Heavy Meddle")

My Student

J.D. and his medical student Josh. ("My Student")

Further Education, Through Mistakes

J.D. is assigned a med student, Josh. He messes up a lot on his first day, causing J.D. much annoyance to the point he tells him he shouldn't be a doctor. J.D. learns that it was he who actually failed in Josh, who then forces him to do a procedure the same way Dr. Cox did for J.D. on his first day. ("My Student")

J.D.'s patient Aaron Simon is rude to him and the nurses and eventually dies from cancer. J.D. feels awful for not giving him his full attention and worries maybe he could have saved the guy if he was nicer to him. He has trouble sleeping after Mr. Simon dies, and even after a Morbidity and Mortality conference clears him of any fault, he can't fall asleep. ("My Tuscaloosa Heart")

My Old Man

Sam Dorian visits his son ("My Old Man").

J.D. jokes with Turk about his mother coming but accidentally invites his own father to come visit. When Sam Dorian arrives J.D. is upset that he still acts like a buddy to him rather than a father. J.D. heeds Dr. Cox's advice and invites his father to his lecture on heart murmurs. In the cafeteria Sam tells J.D. that he is going to miss the lecture. After getting upset, J.D. stops being selfish and thinks about things from his father's point of view and leaves work early to tell his father goodbye. ("My Old Man")

J.D. begins his day slightly annoyed that Turk's silly games always end up with him winning. As a surgical consult, Turk advises J.D.'s patient Mr. Hoffner to get surgery which makes J.D. upset because he would prefer to treat him medically. Mr. Hoffner opts for surgery. J.D. talks to Mr. Hoffner himself who says he made the decision himself, based on advice from other people, including Janitor. When J.D. is trying to convince his next patient that he should go the medical route, he is convinced by J.D.'s new confidence - and a thumbs up from Janitor. ("My Way or the Highway")

My Sacrificial Clam

J.D. overcomes a fear of getting sick ("My Sacrificial Clam").

J.D. treats four doctors who scare him by telling stories of their colleagues getting infected by their patients. J.D. becomes increasingly paranoid, knowing that he might have Hepatitis B after getting stuck with a syringe. Despite tests returning negative, his continual fear of disease causes him to lose the respect of his peers. Dr. Cox refuses to give J.D. back some patients, and he realizes that Dr. Cox wanted him to get over his false phobia himself. He does, and converses with a highly contagious patient. ("My Sacrificial Clam")

Dr. Cox's good friend Ben Sullivan is in town and J.D. is invited to go for a beer. It turns out only as a driver. Playing pool at the bar, Perry notices that Ben's hand is still bleeding. Ben also says he cut himself shaving last week and it wouldn't stop bleeding. The two doctors notice the symptoms and take him back to the hospital. J.D.'s job is to get the test results back. When they finally come back, it turns out Ben has leukemia. ("My Occurrence")

My Last Day

J.D.'s, Elliot's, and Turk's last day as interns ("My Last Day").

J.D. thinks Ben is depressed at learning he has leukemia. When Dr. Cox skips Ben's chemotherapy, J.D. goes to his home to confront him for abandoning his patient. Dr. Cox says that Ben isn't a patient from whom he can distance himself, Ben is his friend. After pondering his next move, J.D. heads towards Ben's room to be supportive in Dr. Cox's absence but finds Dr. Cox already sitting by Ben's bedside. ("My Hero")

J.D. can't sleep as his last day as an intern begins. Arriving at the hospital, Dr. Cox really doesn't care about J.D.'s last day. J.D. and his friends realize how insensitive they had become when they tried to pawn of an old patient, Mr. Bober. Because he doesn't have insurance and does not seriously need surgery, the doctors decide to do something about it. J.D. goes to Dr. Cox who agrees to help him and compliments J.D. on the doctor he is becoming. The next day in the cafeteria, Jordan spills the beans on everybody's secrets, including that she slept with J.D. the first time they met. ("My Last Day")

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