Season Eight


J.D. conducts rounds with his new interns and doesn't like any of them. He is surprised by how nice and attractive Dr. Taylor Maddox, Sacred Heart's new Chief of Medicine, is. J.D. leaves the interns alone in the ward to watch the patients, but returns and finds that they allowed a patient to crash. He vows he is done teaching them. In the cafeteria, Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he was not too dissimilar from these new interns, and that it is his job to teach. He ends up giving the interns a second chance. ("My Jerks")

J.D. and Turk anxiously wait for their shifts to be over so they can enjoy the decade old tradition of Steak Night. Before they leave, the two check on George Valentine who will probably die that evening. They buy him a beer as a dying request and upon learning that George doesn't have any family they relieve Denise of George's care, and stay the entire night talking with him about his life. They try to comfort him about dying, and reveal that although they are surrounded by death on a daily basis, they are still afraid. George passes away, and J.D. and Turk think about him on the roof of Sacred Heart. ("My Last Words")

Our Meeting with J.D.

J.D. teaches the new interns. ("Our Meeting with J.D.")

Scrubs: Interns

During J.D.'s eighth year at Sacred Heart, he appeared in Sunny's video blog. As some of the new interns including Sunny, Denise, Howie, and Katie wait in the lecture room, J.D. enters the classroom and gives a lesson about hospital vernacular. He explains many acronyms such as CTD, T.C.W., "gomer", turfing and bouncing, LGFD and HFFA. He then ends the lecture and leaves. ("Our Meeting with J.D.")

Season Eight cont...

J.D. and Elliot get a patient, Pat Rosel, who is admitted with multiple sclerosis. He is showing the typical signs so the doctors bring him medications. When they instruct him to take the red pill, J.D. notices he is not really colorblind. When they confront him, Elliot notices that his daughter, Christine Rosel is showing the signs of MS, and they reveal that she doesn't have insurance. Later, when they return with the meds, they find that Maddox has kicked them out of the hospital. After Maddox is forced out by the staff, the Rosels return and Christine gets her medication. ("My Saving Grace")

My Happy Place

J.D. and Elliot re-unite ("My Happy Place").

J.D. is getting used to a Janitor-free Sacred Heart, and his and Elliot's friendship has gotten very strong and they have been seeing movies and dining out together. After a movie, he and Elliot head to a nearby Coffee Bucks franchise where they see Dr. Kelso, who tells them that it's nice to see them dating again. Elliot and J.D. talk about their feelings, and Elliot is concerned that because J.D. has hurt her so many times in the past she can never be with him. J.D. tells her that he's still crazy about her. Later, as J.D. and Elliot leave Sacred Heart J.D. reaches for Elliot's hand and the two hold hands and put their arms around each other as they leave the hospital. ("My Happy Place")

My ABC's

J.D. meets Oscar the Grouch ("My ABC's")

After watching Sesame Street, J.D. fantasizes about muppets all day. J.D. picks Denise to be his protégé. They help treat a patient with lung cancer, Jack Fremont. J.D. tries to teach Denise bedside manners, but she still comes off as very rude. After learning their patient is going to die, J.D.'s eyes water in the hallway. ("My ABC's")

As J.D. takes off to work, he and Elliot talk about how they haven't had sex yet even through they'd been dating for a week. Elliot promises him that when he gets home that night she will fulfill his wildest fantasy. At work, J.D. finds out that Denise ordered a painful test on a patient, but as he is yelling at her they find out the exam found stomach cancer. J.D. apologizes to Denise, and she yells at him and storms out. He later talks to her and tells her that every doctor has a problem they have to conquer. Denise's is not caring at all, while J.D.'s is caring too much. When J.D. returns home he finds Elliot on the bed reading a magazine and states that he finds her incredibly sexy, even in cookie pants. ("My Cookie Pants")

At rounds, J.D. shows the interns Frank Vaughn, a patient with pneumonia. He find out that Mr. Vaughn's insurance won't cover him and asks Chief of Medicine Dr. Cox to let him stay, to which he replies "no." J.D. talks to Dr. Kelso who informs him that Dr. Cox will instinctively always say "no" to requests, but will break after being nagged. J.D. asks Dr. Cox again and notifies Perry that his Chief of Medicine day is over. Later, Mr. Vaughn is back in the hospital, presumably re-admitted by Dr. Cox. Before Perry drives away, J.D. thanks him and Dr. Cox tells him to "go to hell" ("My New Role").

Janitor and J.D. call a truce to help Ted talk to Stephanie. In the break room, the three talk about the essentials to talking to women. J.D. insists honesty is key. The two then toss Ted into an elevator with Stephanie, where he cowers in the corner. Dr. Cox is juggling his new job and patients. He asks J.D. to help with minuscule tasks. When Perry become too busy for Craig, J.D. steps in and takes him to surgery. ("My Lawyer's in Love")

J.D. is away visiting Sammy. Elliot, who has constantly been texting and talking to J.D. on her cell phone, becomes afraid that she is too dependent on J.D. She stops answering J.D.'s calls and demands an apology for his neediness. After realizing that emotional attachment is good, Elliot happily calls J.D. ("My Absence")

8x10 JD Turk podium

J.D. and Turk plan a comedy show. ("My Comedy Show")

In the classroom, J.D. and Turk plan the annual sketch show. At the performance, the final act is Sunny and Denise playing J.D. and Turk, who have not yet rehearsed. They make it up as they go, and end up making out, mocking J.D. and Turk's friendship. This makes J.D. and Turk uncomfortable. The next day, J.D. and Turk are very distant. At lunch, J.D. calls their friendship a "bromance", but Turk decides that they need to be more professional. However, when Turk learns that an old article of his is getting published, he and J.D. can't help but hug. ("My Comedy Show")

Turk introduces J.D. to SportsCenter. After meeting a new patient, J.D. tells Turk to not give Rich Hill any false hope. Turk does, but in the end is successful. ("My Nah Nah Nah")

After giving a lecture, J.D. reminisces on how long it has been since he was an intern, and passes the narration along to the new interns. Turk later praises J.D., who has recently been gaining attention for becoming the person who can complain to Dr. Cox enough to get things accomplished. Turk begins to get jealous of J.D. and tells J.D. off. The next day in the cafeteria, Derek confronts J.D. for being too arrogant. ("Their Story II")

Turk is upset that J.D. is away at Disneyland with Sammy. ("My Full Moon")

My Soul on Fire, Part 1

J.D. and Elliot in the Bahamas. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")

J.D. convinces the staff of Sacred Heart that they all need a break and should go to the Janitor's wedding in the Bahamas. That night in bed, Elliot tells J.D. that she loves him. He tells her he feels the same way, but she explains that he must say it with feeling. He tries to sneak sweet ways to say "I love you" on her when they reach the Bahamas. After being yelled at by the Janitor for actually showing up, J.D. notices that all of the couples in the Bahamas are arguing. He confidently tells Elliot that they can rest assured with each other's love. He thinks he has pulled off a smooth move but Elliot walks away, upset. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")

J.D. acts as if it is Elliot's fault that she is upset. She tells him that he will need to be romantic to her if he truly loves her. As J.D. watches Janitor and Lady's wedding, he realizes that he truely loves Elliot. On a pier, J.D. opens his heart to Elliot, telling her that he loves her more than he ever thought he could love anybody, and that he loves her more than he loves Turk. He then gives her Turk's tiki necklace and the two kiss during a Bahamian sunset. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

My Cuz

J.D. decides he wants to move closer to Sammy. ("My Cuz")

J.D. drives to Kim's apartment to drop off Sammy. A jealous Elliot tags along to make sure Kim does not touch him. At Kim's apartment, Kim reveals that she is now dating Sean Kelly. The next day Sean and Kim meet Elliot and J.D. at Sacred Heart to work out their conflicts. J.D. eventually suggests to Sean that they should be friendly because they are "wiener cousins" for having slept with the same women. Later, Sammy continues to cry when J.D. holds him but stops when he is with Sean. J.D. gets upset but figures out it was his cologne. As he watches home movies of Sam and Kim, he decides he wants to move closer to Kim so he can spend more time with Sammy. ("My Cuz")

My Chief Concern

J.D. and Turk argue. ("My Chief Concern")

After finding a new apartment near Kim, J.D. runs into St. Vincent's Hospital's Chief of Medicine Dr. Mantoots who offers him the position of Residency Director. Back at Sacred Heart, J.D. informs his friends that he has decided to leave Sacred Heart. Later, J.D. and Turk argue about a patient's treatment. Turk sends the patient to surgery without informing J.D.. The two angrily huff around the hospital until Carla and Elliot get them to talk to each other. They decide that they are both going through critical times in their lives, and that they will still be friends. That night, as J.D. realizes he and his best friend won't get to see each other as often as they used to. ("My Chief Concern")

My Finale

J.D. is wished farewell. ("My Finale")

J.D. wakes up to his last day at Sacred Heart and can't help but reminisce about his first day. Upon arriving at the hospital Turk has a banner with "Goodbye J.D." written on it and he has pads set up for J.D.'s final "Eagle!" Later, J.D. gives Perry a present: a pleather-bound collection of all of his rants, organized and ranked by how much they emotionally hurt him. J.D. attempts for a hug but fails. J.D. then meets with a patient, Mrs. Stonewater, and her son Dan During rounds, J.D. announces to some of the interns that he is leaving. He forces Denise to give him a farewell message, and shoots down Sunny when she gives a legitimate farewell. Dr. Cox arrives to take over rounds, and ignored J.D.'s requests to hand off the imaginary reigns and torch. He is then informed that Mrs. Stonewater has Huntington's Disease, a uncurable and genetic brain disease. He breaks the bad news to Dan. After getting 'dumped' by a a different patient, J.D. heads outside for some fresh air. He mistakes Dr. Kelso's farewell for his own. Dr. Kelso tells him that he shouldn't expect a grand exit from the hospital, but offers his own sincere goodbye. Inside, quickly after being told by Dan that he doesn't want to be tested for the brain disease, J.D. finds Dr. Cox and before he can demand a heartfelt goodbye, Dr. Cox tells him that J.D.'s last day is not special at all to him, which hurts J.D..


J.D. hugs Dr. Cox ("My Finale")

In the ward, Carla tells J.D. that she will miss him. He asks why she was always nice to him and she tells him that it was because he was "Bambi" and needed protecting. Later, Ted attempts to tell J.D. goodbye and so does Jordan. J.D. later notices that Dr. Cox is just a gruff teacher and has made him into the person he is today. Turk and Elliot then apologize to J.D. for the premature goodbye and moving in. He tells them that it is alright. He then asks Van why he doesn't want the test, and Van says that he doesn't want to be held down under any fear of the future. After finding out the Janitor's real name, J.D. tells Dr. Cox goodbye, and Perry still doesn't give him a sincere parting moment. Sunny then comments that J.D. was just a mediocre doctor, which sparks Perry into ranting about how good of a doctor and person J.D. actually was. J.D. thanks Sunny for helping him, and gives Dr. Cox a hug.


J.D. leaves Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")

As J.D. leaves Sacred Heart for the last time as an employee, he thinks back about how many people he has come into contact with. He thinks about family members such as Dan Dorian, co-workers such as The Todd, lost loves such as Jamie Moyer and Alex, people who passed away such as Jill Tracy and Patricia Wilk. He walks down the hallway to the exit and sees people that have helped make him into the doctor who he was. At the door, he turns around and realizes it was just a fantasy. After walking through the door one last time, J.D. sees his future projected upon the "Goodbye J.D." banner: marrying Elliot, having another child, spending holidays with the Turks and Coxes, and seeing Izzy and Sammy get engaged. He then comments that his fantasies might come true, just this once. ("My Finale")

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