J.D. lived in several apartments while working at Sacred Heart Hospital.

Pre-Sacred Heart

3x3 JD and Turk in college

J.D. and Turk in college. ("My White Whale")

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J.D. and Christopher Turk met as roommates in college where they lived in the same dorm room. They continued to be roommates through med school and got an apartment together when they both got internships at Sacred Heart. ("My First Day")

The first apartment

3x16 dolls

J.D. in his first apartment. ("My Butterfly")

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J.D. lived with Turk for four years while working at Sacred Heart. They had their share of guests, notably Carla Espinosa when she wed Turk. Eventually, she and Turk asked J.D. to move out so they could live alone like a normal married couple. ("My Roommates")

Crashing with friends

My Roommates

A homeless J.D. ("My Roommates")

J.D. bounced around looking for a new place to live. He crashed back at the apartment for a couple of days and temporarily stayed with Elliot. ("My Roommates") ("My Big Move")

The second apartment

4x25 J.D.'s neighbors

J.D.'s second apartment. ("My Changing Ways")

J.D. finally found another place to live, but the ceiling collapsed and his neighbor's bathtub came crashing into his living room. ("My Changing Ways")

Crashing with friends again

Because of the damage to his apartment, J.D. moved back in with Turk but the two of them hid this from Carla. She eventually found out and was annoyed so she asked him to move out again. He moved in with Elliot at her second apartment. ("My Day at the Races")

The half-acre

My Own Personal Hell

The half-acre. ("My Own Personal Hell")

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When J.D. began dating Julie Quinn he couldn't strike a romantic tone at Elliot's apartment so he decided to buy a half-acre of land of his own. ("My Half-Acre") It was only a porch, however, so he had to live in a tent on the property.

Crashing with friends for a third time

J.D., out of money and tired of living in a tent, moves back in with Elliot when she becomes a private practice doctor and is making more money. ("My Friend with Money")

The third apartment

My Cookie Pants

J.D.'s third apartment. ("My Cookie Pants")

Sometime thereafter, J.D. found another apartment and moved out of Elliot's place. ("My Rabbit") He lived there from 2006 to 2009, when he decided to move to be closer to his son Sammy. ("My Cuz")

The fourth apartment

8x17 Elliot decorates apartment

J.D.'s fourth apartment. ("My Chief Concern")

After moving closer to his son and new job at St. Vincent's Hospital, Elliot decided to move in with him. ("My Chief Concern") ("My Finale") They continued to live together, got married, and got pregnant in December 2010. As they were expecting their new child, they prepared a baby room for their daughter. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")


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