Isabella "Izzy" Turk is the baby daughter of Christopher Turk and Carla Espinosa.


Turk and Carla began trying to get pregnant in the final episode of Season 4. Turk originally wanted a boy so he had Carla repeat "boy, boy, boy, very tall boy". ("My Changing Ways")

Isabella Turk was born at Sacred Heart in the second episode of Season 6. When Izzy was born and J.D. first visits her, Carla says to her "Isabella, this is the man that you are going to compete with for your father's love". ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby")

Carla was diagnosed with postpartum depression after she was born. ("My House") Isabella caused Turk a testicular torsion. This resulted in Turk losing his left testicle. ("My Manhood")

While Carla and Turk worked at Sacred Heart, Isabella had a nanny that looked after her while her parents were at work. When Carla became pregnant a second time, she decided to leave Sacred Heart and become a full time mother.

Izzy's future

My finale banner sam and izzy engaged

Possible future Izzy and Sam announce their engagement.

After J.D.'s final shift at Sacred Heart, his possible future is shown across a banner as a figment of his imagination. On his banner, he can see also Izzy's future, where Izzy and Sammy Dorian announce to Turk and J.D. that they are engaged. ("My Finale")


  • Brown Sugar
  • Izzy
  • Mocha Cub
  • Blaxican
  • Little Gherkin (By J.D.- that is why one of Carla's nicknames is Pickle.)
  • Half Black Half Latina Princess ("My Identity Crisis")


  • Turk wants Izzy to marry Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian (J.D.'s baby) so that Turk and J.D. can spend more time together.
  • Turk and Carla originally said that if they had a girl they would name it Angie but changed it after J.D. helped name a hamster Angie after Doug found it inside a dead man.
  • J.D. referred to Isabella as "a little soft baby Turk" when Turk first found out Carla was pregnant.
  • According to Turk, if you give her a juice box, she'll go happy and start squeaking like R2-D2.
  • Elliot and Melody's loud screams, powerful enough to cause windstorms, can be stopped by a picture of Izzy.
  • In the Scrubs Season 8 finale "My Finale", J.D. fantasizes that Izzy and Sam get engaged.
  • The name Izzy is possibly a reference to the similarly named character from Grey's Anatomy, to which the show often makes reference. Or a reference to Izzy, a brand of surgical scrubs.
  • Turk had once told J.D. that Izzy was "Blaxican", which Carla scolds him for (in song) because Carla is Dominican, not Mexican. ("My Musical")


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