I've got an overweight patient back there who has already had his stomach stapled and is now taking diet medication that gives you painful diarrhea whenever you eat more than 15 grams of fat at one sitting. Anyone want to guess what he's in the hospital for? It is very painful, and it rhymes with schmiorrhea. You know what, here's an idea. Patients should just pay me to take food right out of their hands before they even have a chance to cram it down those disgusting donut mashers they call mouths.Dr. Cox  ("My Bad Too")


Dr. Cox rants his frustrations about an overweight patient who is hospitalized after a side effect of his diet medication. He suggests that he take food away from people before they can eat it, and decides to test his new diet on Dr. Kelso after he snubs him. Although Kelso is frustrated that his food is constantly vanishing, he later finds that Perry's diet has actually helped him lose weight, and tries to goad Perry into throwing away a "triple chocolate hazelnut fudge cake with a filling made out of tiny brownies" and declaring that he will eat it in one sitting. By this time Perry is tired of the game and quits. Kelso eats half of the cake and then throws it in the trash himself out of guilt. Later, he retrieves the cake from the trash and begins eating it while J.D. and Elliot watch in an awkward moment. ("My Bad Too")

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