Howie doesn't get a freeze frame because he's being snarky.Sunny  ("Our Intern Class")

Dr. Howie Gelder is an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Howie, sometimes described as "snarky" is a new intern that seems deadpan and goofy. He is part of the interns in Sonja Dey's video diary. (Our Intern Class) He attempts to talk Katie into being his sexual partner, but is rejected. (Our Meeting with J.D.) He does end up hooking up with Katie Collins when the Janitor rigged the elevator to scare them and he convinced her that they were going to die. ("Their Story II")

Howie is not really liked by J.D., because when asked how his day was, Howie complained about soap. ("My New Role") He is, however, particularly good at thinking of cunning ways to communicate with patients when they are difficult. When Mr. Swick, a patient with a psychological disorder which causes him to believe everyone around him has been replaced with an imposter, poisoned himself, Howie tried to con him into revealing what he used and later got the truth behind what he ingested by slapping him, which resulted in Turk telling him he would do fine at Sacred Heart. ("My Full Moon") Dr. Kelso did not want Howie to treat him when he was admitted with the stomach flu while The Todd warns him that only Todd can dish out high-fives ("My Cuz")("My Full Moon").

It is assumed that he's still working as a doctor at New Sacred Heart.



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