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Hooch is seriously crazyJ.D.

Hooch was an orthopedic surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital until he was arrested for taking 4 interns hostage.


One day, when J.D. and Turk are talking about the film Turner and Hooch, Hooch hears his name and assumes they're talking about him. J.D. explains and with a smile on his face Hooch says it's no big deal; however, when his name is mistakenly used numerous times throughout the same episode he gets angrier and more frustrated. ("My Boss's Free Haircut")

Turk and J.D. arrange the surgery schedule so Hooch will have a surgery with Dr. Turner. They become friends, despite their names being a pun, and are sad when their team is broken up. ("My Faith in Humanity")

Turner and Hooch. ("My Faith in Humanity")

During the year, Hooch gets more and more mentally unstable. After falling victim to a "Soup Shower" (bouillon cubes in the shower head), he threatens to hit the perpetrators with his SUV before later knocking a guy unconscious with his shoe. Hooch becomes J.D.'s "Chocolate Bear #2" when J.D. realizes that part of his popularity came from hanging around Turk. Hooch's craziness drove J.D. away, especially after he violently attempted to keep people from using the elevator. After J.D. made up with Turk, Hooch lost his status as J.D.'s new best friend. ("My Changing Ways") A common running gag throughout the show is for characters to say "Hooch is crazy," in a nonchalant manner.

Years later, J.D. and Turk bribe Rex and three interns into following him around all day. Despite threats of burns and their deaths they do not seem to register his insanity. A board member later confirms that Hooch held the four of them as hostage. ("My Growing Pains") Hooch was fired; however, when Dr. Cox takes over as Chief of Medicine, his name is on the "Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Allowed In" list next to Cox' office despite him being fired. ("My New Role")

On his last day at Sacred Heart, J.D. walked down a hallway and fantasized that everyone he remembered from Sacred Heart was wishing him a farewell. Hooch is the last person, he's wearing a strait-jacket, and says, "Hooch is crazy." ("My Finale")

He has recently started seeing Stephanie Gooch. ("Something Good Coming")



  • Turk and J.D. switched surgery schedules so that Hooch was placed with another surgeon named Turner. The resulting joke is the pairing "Turner and Hooch". While Turner and Hooch dismiss this idea as stupid and ridiculous, they actually do develop a rapport while they solve medical problems. Unfortunately, the partnership ends when they are switched around again on the surgeon board. ("My Faith in Humanity")


"Who put bouillon cubes in the shower head?"

Who the hell put bouillon cubes in the shower head? Huh? Did you do it? Did you? If it happens again, I will wait in my S.U.V., blast me some speed-metal - 5.1 surround sound, heavy on the bass - and someone...will be getting.. mowed.. down.Hooch  ("My Changing Ways")

Well of course you're not! Because in your head it's all about you, isn't it? Well no more! Say "hooch" again, it will be the last thing you ever say!Hooch  ("My Boss's Free Haircut")

That's my name... don't wear it out.

I'm about to use the toilet right now... So I hope you all are happy with the order that you're standing in... Because if you follow me in there, that is the order that I am going to kill you.Hooch  ("My Growing Pains")

That almost burned me. Do wanna know what would happen if it did? [takes out lit lighter] Burn for a burn, baby! That's in The Bible.Hooch  ("My Growing Pains")

Hooch IS crazy.Hooch  ("My Finale")



Hooch Is Crazy

Hooch is crazy...

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