Must... fight urge... to rub it in his face!Dr. Cox's narration

"His Story" is the fifteenth episode of Scrubs' second season, and the first in a series of episodes not to have J.D. as the primary narrator. Dr. Perry Cox takes over the role instead.

J.D. and Turk continue to try to convince Carla to marry Turk. Elliot is attracted to a man named Paul, but starts panicking when it turns out that he is a nurse. Finally, Dr. Cox realizes that what his psychiatrist told him is true, and that he may, in fact, partially like J.D.


Turk re-proposes to Carla

Elliot and Paul

While Carla and Elliot are having drinks at a bar, a hot guy sits next to Elliot. The guy, Paul, begins the conversation by complaining about people talking on their cell phones, as Carla is doing exactly at that moment. Elliot starts to defend Carla, but when she gets a look at Paul, she is immediately attracted to his good looks. It turns out that he works at the hospital as well. They immediately hit it off and just before they leave the bar Paul asks Elliot out. But before she answers, she gives him a big kiss. Carla stands off to the side, embarrassed by their public display of affection. The next day at Sacred Heart Elliot finds out that Paul is actually a nurse and not a doctor as she had assumed. As a result she is mocked and avoids being seen with Paul. She eventually decides to stop being ashamed and publicly embrace her relationship with Paul.

Dr. Cox can't handle therapy

The Doctor and the Therapist

J.D. is having a good day and has no stories to tell, so the episode narration transfers to Dr. Cox for the episode. He visits his therapist, whom he doesn't consider to be a real "doctor" and has an antagonistic relationship with. Dr. Cox mentions that while Jordan is out of town he is planning to throw a party with his "friends" but also freely admits he doesn't have any friends. His therapist challenges him to control his anger issues, otherwise he risks alienating anyone still in his life.

At the hospital Dr. Kelso asks him to do a physical for his insurance paperwork. Dr. Cox is initially reluctant but J.D. convinces him to go through with it. When Cox reaches Kelso's office, Kelso tells him to just sign the form and pretend that he performed the physical. Cox, however, insists on doing a proper one, which reveals that Kelso has high blood pressure, which will cost him more on his insurance premium. Cox blames J.D.

Later, J.D. shows up at Dr. Cox's party and tells him he has had enough of Cox picking on him and that he has requested to be transferred to another attending physician. After J.D. leaves it is revealed that no one showed up for Cox's party. The next day, Kelso approaches Cox and tells him it turns out that his high blood pressure would have led to his death had Cox not discovered it. He thanks Dr. Cox who, through a titanic effort of will, avoids rubbing it in Kelso's face.

Realizing that his therapist's prediction proved true, Dr. Cox interrupts him in the middle of a dinner with his wife to tell him about the incident with Kelso. The therapist is initially skeptical that Cox did something that helped both his career and his personal life, rather than intentionally picking the hard way, as he always does. Cox confesses that J.D. talked him into it, and the therapist observes that a person who managed to talk Cox into doing something he didn't want to do is nothing short of a genius, and a person whom Cox should definitely keep close by. Reflecting on this, Cox asks for J.D. to switch back to him, and J.D. immediately agrees.

Carla and Turk

Since she still won't give him an answer to his marriage proposal, Turk tells Carla that he will keep asking her until she says yes. Turk even stages a grand romantic proposal in the middle of traffic on top of his car to no avail.

Turk eventually grows tired of Carla overthinking his proposal and almost goes on a date with Jenny, a waitress. However, once Carla realizes why she has been hesitating (namely, fear of commitment) she calls Turk and begs him to come back. He runs to her and again proposes marriage. She agrees and the two celebrate by hugging while J.D. runs around them with sparklers.

Recurring Themes

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  • Dr. Cox is at a meeting with people discussing their problems, but he gets annoyed and whacks whoever talks about their problems around the head with a chair.
  • Laverne jumps over patients in wheelchairs and on gurneys to gossip about Elliot and Paul.

Janitor story

  • J.D. doesn't hold the elevator door for the Janitor, and when Janitor hunts him down, J.D. hides behind a patient. Later, when J.D. is in the elevator, the Janitor traps him inside and takes his chance at revenge.

J.D.'s girl names

Gladys! Ginger! Tiffany! No, Cheryl! Betsy...Betsy! Mm! That's new! r. Cox's Thoughts

  • Betsy
    • It is heard in Dr. Cox's narration that Dr. Cox is going through a list of girls' names in his head until he finds a new one. He calls J.D. Betsy, thinking it's a new name, before J.D. points out that "Betsy" was used "about six months ago". Dr. Cox claims not to care, but his narration says otherwise.
    • According to the List of J.D.'s girl names, this episode is the first and only episode Cox calls J.D. "Betsy" though "Betty" was used in Season One's "My Dream Job".
  • Katie
Well, tears-&-hugs, there, Katie.Dr. Cox

Katie is the name used when Dr. Cox tells J.D. he can't come into Dr. Cox's house because all the other 20 people are about to make the party go "nutty", even though there is actually no one there.
  • Lily
"Oh for god's sake, Lily! Stop being such a complete wuss and come back to work with me!"

Lily is the name used when Dr. Cox asks J.D. to switch back to working with him.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "The Stripper" by David Rose. Hummed by John C. McGinley.
  • "Question" by Old 97's


Thanks to the high blood pressure you found, my insurance premium is gonna cost me an extra six grand this year! That's six grand my wife already spent on a new chin.Dr. Kelso

I spoke to my cardiologist, and he said if you hadn't caught my high blood pressure and if it continued unchecked, it might have resulted in a mild case of... death.Dr. Kelso

She's embarrassed because she's dating a nurse, and I can't see why.Paul Flowers

Well, that's because you're doing a woman's job, son.Dr. Kelso

Listen up, everybody! I appreciate solidarity, but I did not blow off Paul because he's a nurse, so please stop leaving bedpans in my locker — it makes me cry.Elliot Reid



  • This is the first episode not entirely narrated by J.D.
  • This is the first episode whose title doesn't start with "My". It is also one of the eight Story episodes.
  • This is the second episode in which somebody else narrates. In "My Hero", The Todd and Turk each had a short narrating part.
  • The episode features the first appearance of Johnny the tackling Alzheimer's patient.
  • Paul is the first male nurse to appear on the show.
  • Eric Bogosian (Dr. Gross) also starred in Talk Radio with John C. McGinley.
  • The song that plays while Turk is proposing is Question by Old 97's. The same song plays in an episode of the TV show Ed when Ed proposes to his girlfriend. The actor who plays Ed, Tom Cavanagh appears on Scrubs as J.D.'s brother Dan.


  • Turk eats sugar directly out of the shaker at the diner, possibly foreshadowing his diabetes.
  • The scene where J.D. is doing karate in the elevator is re-used in "My Urologist", with Kim Briggs transposed in in Season Five's "My Urologist". She was transposed into the scene to reinforce the gag that J.D. can't see women who are married and have wedding rings.
  • Turk states in this episode that he has slept with only two women before Carla although in the earlier episode "My Monster" he claimed 12 women on his scorecard. However, in that episode he was talking to Dr. Cox and J.D., so he may have been exaggerating. Similarly, he may be underestimating in what he tells Carla, since he at first says that he has slept with "many, many women," and only reduces the number to three (and then even further, claiming that Carla is the only woman he has slept with) when he sees her displeasure.
  • Dr. Gross says that Dr. Cox is 40 years old. However, in "My Growing Pains" (which happens four years later), Dr. Cox says he's 47. Dr. Gross was likely approximating.


  • In the scene with J.D. and the Janitor in the elevator, the Janitor pulls the end of the duct tape with his right hand, but, when the elevator doors open, he is holding the end with his left hand.
  • In the scene where the Janitor asks J.D. to hold the elevator, it can be seen that the elevator is on the 4th floor. After the Janitor races to get the elevator on the next floor, the light indicates it's on the 4th floor (again).
  • When Jenny is going to sit down next to Turk, her lips aren't moving, but we hear her ask Turk a question.
  • In the first scene in the diner, before the bottle of ketchup explodes on Turk's face, you can see a tube going from his sleeve, around his fingers, to the top of the bottle.

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