Hibbleton is Janitor's a capella band he made up to cover up his crush on Elliot.


Hibbleton is the name of the Janitor's a cappella band. They were formed after Janitor asked Elliot for a coffee, but embarrassed himself when he wore a suit when they met up because he thought it was a real date. He covered it up by later making up the excuse that he was wearing a suit because he had just got back from performing with his a capella group which he claimed to be the best in town - but unfortunately The Worthless Peons overheard this and challenged him to a competition. Janitor then recruited Troy and Randall to join him with the intention that they would forfeit the competition after the Worthless Peons perform, but they are pressured into performing. They then started improvising "Barbara Anne" and to everyone's surprise, it actually goes rather well and Elliot announces them the winner of the competition. ("My Ocardial Infarction") They have not been seen performing since.

Band Members


  • " Barbara Anne" by The Regents
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