Ah, you don't have to say anything - I know all about how it is when you think a guy is great and he ends up being a car thief.Elliot

"Her Story" is the fifth episode of Scrubs' fourth season. Elliot acts as narrator for the majority of this episode. Elliot breaks off her connection with Dr. Cox and has Molly Clock as her new mentor. Turk attempts to cope with having a new bedtime. J.D. loses his interns' respect and must get it back.


Elliot and Molly prove Turk wrong about rap

As Elliot's friendship with Dr. Molly Clock continues to grow, she begins to realize that Molly is gradually becoming something of a mentor to her. With a new string of confidence, she cuts off Dr. Cox during one of his traditional put-downs and exhales furiously a rant of her own. Soon after, she discovers Molly with her boyfriend, who had just stolen and crashed a car. When Molly forgives the incident because her boyfriend has "beautiful eyes", Elliot questions whether or not she made the right decision in siding with Molly.

After multiple nights of coming in and waking Carla, Carla decides that she and Turk should go to bed at the same time. Turk naively agrees, but is later taken aback when Carla pulls him from the room while he is watching a game with his buddies to go to bed for the night. Turk decides to fire back by giving Carla a cup of regular coffee rather than decaffeinated, but Dr. Kelso, who is aware of the plan, mischievously switches Turk's cup of decaf with Carla's regular. Resultantly, Turk is the one who lies awake all night. In the end, Turk is able to talk it out and convince Carla out of his required bedtime.

J.D. defends himself from Dr. Cox with "his boys"

Still furious from the rant provided by Elliot's newfound courage, Dr. Cox pays J.D. a visit and painfully scolds him for being late for his seven o'clock rounds directly in front of his interns. J.D., who was already having difficulty gaining the respect of his students, later confronts Dr. Cox, demanding an explanation for his unnecessarily scathing rant earlier. In order to help J.D., Dr. Cox agrees to allow J.D. a brief moment of edge over him by letting J.D. confront him in front of his interns in "a manly way". When the moment comes and Dr. Cox approaches J.D., J.D. lashes out with a much longer rant than agreed upon, to Dr. Cox's dismay, but, in the process, successfully regains his interns respect.

Recurring Themes

Molly as Wonder Woman, lassoing Todd

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  • Molly becomes Wonder Woman when Todd makes a sexual comment. Molly catches the surgeon in the lasso of truth, forcing him to admit he was in a threesome; and not the cool kind.
  • Elliot, being told by Molly about a criminal patient, makes out with the patient.


  • J.D. has a parrot, Chauncey, which can only say "liver disease".
  • Turk noisily entering the bedroom, waking up Carla, and asking for sex before falling asleep.

Janitor story

Janitor helps Elliot from slipping over the wet floor, and although she thinks he is sweet, she wonders why he doesn't just put a sign saying "wet floor" - just before J.D. slips on the floor.

J.D.'s Girls Name

  • Gloria
GLORIA! Pre-rounds started at 7:00, it's now 7:03.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

Michael Hobert as Lonnie.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Funky For You" by Common
  • "Still DRE" by Dr. Dre


"Liver Disease, Liver Disease" - Chauncey

Mr. Hopkins, the results of your test are back, and you have...J.D.

Liver Disease, Liver Disease.Chauncey the Parrot
Sorry, that's all he can say, you don't have liver disease. You have inoperable Lung Cancer.

Liver Disease.
If only, Chauncey.

Bottom line, a tape recorder won't fly away and break your heart.J.D.  ("Her Story")

Frick on a stick with a brick!Elliot's narration

Half of what rappers say doesn't make any sense. Like that Snoop Dogg-Dr. Dre song? What does "still hittin' them corners and those ho-hos girl" mean?J.D.

Many disadvantaged African-Americans have limited nutritional choices, therefore they must subsist on Ho-Ho snack cakes. It's a black thing, bro.Turk

Turk, you just got schooled on rap by the two whitest chicks in America!Carla

"I still feel good 'cause nobody saw me fall!" - J.D.

I'm feeling so good today!J.D.

[Falls and picks himself up]
I still feel good 'cause nobody saw me fall!

Here it comes. Another condescending rant about how we suck at our jobs.Elliot

Since you two have become chief residents, I've noticed that your leadership skills are - how can I put this delicately? - eh... crap.Dr. Cox

Well, you're better off watching good ol' Papa Smurf, here! Yeah, he says leadership boils down to three things: Smurferation, Smurferation, Smurf.Turk

Preparation, Inspiration, and Fear?J.D.
You know it.

Oh, my God. How does she eat like that and stay so thin? If I didn't love her so much, I'd totally spread rumors that she's bulimic.Elliot's Narration

"Yep. Those are my boobs" - Molly

As I watched Molly shielding her boobs and working her magic, I realised she wasn't just my friend. She's the mentor I've always been looking for.Elliot

[While Molly is dressed as Wonder Woman]
That outfit would look better on my floor.Todd
[Molly lassos Todd]
Oh no, the lasso of truth! I once had a threesome... and not the cool kind!

I simply will not tolerate it, Perry! And neither will my boys!J.D.

Mm? Wha? Wha? Oooh. It's morning already?Carla

No. But I could see how you'd think that, being that it's light out and we're in bed.Turk

J.D.'s Tape Recorder

J.D.'s Tape Recorder

Possible nicknames for Dr. Cox when we become best friends; The Coxinator; Cox of Seagulls; Urghhh!J.D. into Tape Recorder

[Nurse sneezes]
Gesundheit.J.D.'s tape recorder

I love my new tape recorder; not only is it a time saver but I can record my every thought.J.D.'s narration

I like toast.J.D. into Tape Recorder

They're not all winners.

J.D. uses his tape recorder to talk for him

Mrs. MacCalla, 40s, moderately attractive, condition improving.J.D. into Tape Recorder

Did you just say I was moderately attractive?Mrs. MacCalla
Patient's complaint of hearing loss was clearly just to get attention.

So how's about you learn how to walk, ditch the tape recorder, and act like you got a pair!Dr. Cox

Kill Lonnie.J.D. into Tape Recorder


  • When Janitor saves Elliot from slipping, the voice he uses is the one he will later describe as his "smitten voice" in his relationship with Lady.
  • Turk asking Carla for sex every time he wakes her up foreshadows how she will eventually solve her problem.
  • The rap song that Elliot and Molly explain at the beginning of the episode is "Still D.R.E."


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