I know what a restraining order is! You act like I've never dated.Mr. Corman  ("My Malpractical Decision")

Harvey Corman was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Harvey is a massive hypochondriac - he is near-incapable of believing that he is in good health, and constantly visits the hospital believing he is sick. Harvey tries his hardest not to leave, to the annoyance of the staff, especially Dr. Cox.

Dr. Cox tried to scare Harvey by offering a very painful bone marrow test. Dr. Cox is surprised when he finds out that Harvey has Waldenström's macroglobulinemia and feels guilty. He has to apologize to Harvey about not believing him and move on, but Harvey lectures Dr. Cox on not caring enough about his patients. ("My New Old Friend")

Cox is annoyed by Corman. ("My Fault")

When Dr. Kelso decided to try and increase revenue by selling full-body MRI scans using fear tactics, Harvey Corman was the first person to sign up. Dr. Cox tried to prove to Kelso that no one in their right mind would spend money on a frightening and unnecessary procedure, but Mr. Corman was adamant, and even further so when he realized Cox made a bet with Kelso that nobody would get a scan. Cox finally admitted defeat to Kelso in front of Mr. Corman, in a plea to him to not get the scan, because the fear of the results would haunt him for the rest of his life. He did not get the scan. ("My Fault")

At one point, he stalks Turk because he believes Turk made a bad decision. This prompts Turk to get a restraining order. Following this, Harvey sues Turk. ("My Malpractical Decision")  ("My Female Trouble")


Harvey with Neena. ("My Malpractical Decision")

  • He once took a whole jar of Q-tips from the hospital stating "I'm assuming these are complimentary".
  • Is uncircumcised even though he is Jewish.
  • Although he is a terrible tennis player, he can serve a ball with enough force to incapacitate a person.
  • Harvey Corman does not get much action for having the name "Harvey Corman".
    • Harvey Korman was a comedian who had a recurring spot on The Carol Burnett Show and appeared in multiple Mel Brooks films and the Pink Panther films, as well as guest starring on episode 10 of season 1 of The Muppet Show.

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