Harrison Kelso is the son of Robert and Enid Kelso. He is homosexual and sells his body for money, but his father still reluctantly accepts him.


Harrison has never been seen in Sacred Heart, but is often talked about by Bob. He is apparently gay, which annoys Bob. Dr. Kelso's first sign that Harrison was gay was when he took up knitting. Dr. Kelso often tells stories about his son's homosexuality and his dislike for his son. But when Dr. Cox makes a comment on Harrison, Bob gets very offended. ("My New Suit") Harrison spent his 13th birthday camped out on 42nd street with Bob for "Ain't Misbehavin' " tickets. Bob says Harrison was a bit of a head banger listening to Motley Crue and Winger. ("My Heavy Meddle") He attended Art School. ("My New Old Friend") He was kicked out of his Hare Krishna sect for being too much of a hippie and then started living in the Portland subway system. ("My Own American Girl") He has had many different partners during the series, but most of them seem to change regularly. He once wrote an off-Broadway play about his dad, called "Dr. Dad" and dated the man who played Kelso. This play actually turned out to be a front for a crystal meth lab. Bob remarks to himself that if J.D. were gay, he and Harrison would be perfect together. ("His Story IV")




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