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If Dr. Kelso had asked me to go somewhere that I thought was actually good for my career, I'd be gone so fast you'd be left here staring at an imaginary woman's chest while she was trying to make a point.Dr. Miller

Dr. Grace Miller was a surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Miller speaking with Turk. ("His Story II")

Dr. Miller is confident and intelligent and very similar in personality to Dr. Cox. She once caused conflict between Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox. Dr. Cox was stricken by her when she told Turk off in front of a patient, and he tried to keep her out of the influence of Dr. Kelso. She didn't listen to him and went to a lunch conference with the Chief of Medicine. When she declined Dr. Kelso's next invitation, Dr. Cox thought he won, but she told him off, saying that she only does what is good for her own career. ("His Story II") Her constant refusal to listen to him caused Dr. Cox to develop a crush on her. Although he was verbally rude to her, he tried to be nice by inviting a band to the hospital for her patient. She asked him out for a beer, but he chose Jordan over her. ("My Choosiest Choice of All")

Dr. Miller as Marilyn Monroe. ("My Tormented Mentor")

Dr. Miller and Turk have had several problems, beginning with Turk defending her after The Todd makes several sexist comments about her. Dr. Miller takes offense to this, insisting that Turk apologize for thinking that all women need a man to come to their defense, even though Turk hand come to the defense of his friends and anyone of both genders. They eventually settle their differences when Turk apologizes. ("My Tormented Mentor") They find themselves at odds again after Carla un-invites her from their wedding. ("My Fault") The issue is worsened when Turk asks her if she would like to attend a small brunch for close family and friends after the wedding. When Dr. Miller happily accepts, Turk tells her that there was no brunch and he only asked to make her feel better while hoping she would say no. He was trapped with her in surgery during his scheduled wedding, and she let him go so he could make the tail end of their scheduled time-slot at the church. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

Personality Profile

Dr. Miller's arms are ripped off. ("His Story II")


  • Avril Lavigne


  • Sexists
  • The phrase "It's Miller Time"
  • People talking when she talks
  • The Todd



Grace Miller in J.D.'s final fantasy

  • Her name was seen on an assignment chart in "My Old Friend's New Friend" appearing as Dr. Grace Miller.
  • Dr. Miller appears with short dark hair in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")

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