Gloria is an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Gloria is an intern who makes her first appearance as one of J.D.'s first interns as an attending. ("My Rite of Passage") What sets her apart from the other interns is that she is much older, at an age where she finds it difficult to walk as fast as the other interns and requires naps during the day, although she is apparently strong enough to help the other interns bully Keith around.

Gloria has a habit of waving to everybody nonstop, which bothers J.D..


Gloria and Leonard in "My Finale"

Gloria has been dating Leonard, the tall, black afro-ed, hook handed security guard since some time about half way through her first year at Sacred Heart. Gloria is expecting with (or possibly has given birth to) Leonard's babies. It has been revealed the Leonard may be bisexual: when Dr. Cox was "mentoring" J.D.'s interns, Gloria stated that her boyfriend was bi-curious and wanted her to pick his partners, however it had not at that time been established if they were dating.

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  • Waving


  • Gloria has been described as an abuser of waving (by J.D.)
  • Gloria appears in the episode "My Finale", in the arms of Leonard.

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