Dr. Ginny Gerson is an obstetrician at Sacred Heart Hospital.


After a tip from Simon Reid, Ginny tried to convince Elliot to become an OB-GYN. ("My Fruit Cups")

Dr. Gerson helped Jordan and Perry through Jordan's pregnancy with Jack, beginning when Jordan had early contractions. ("My Lucky Day") She performed an ultrasound on her stomach and asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby. Jordan said "no", but Elliot saw the results and Dr. Cox tried to get her to squeal. She didn't tell him, but rather wrote it down and sealed in an envelope and gave it to Jordan. ("My Brother, My Keeper") Ginny was unable to deliver Jack because she was busy with a woman in her 40th hour of labor. She sent her resident Dr. Donna Berlutti in her stead. ("My Karma")

J.D. once had a fantasy where Dr. Gerson and three other female doctors experimented with sex in a college sorority setting. Elliot distracted him from the fantasy, though, and he missed the actual sex.

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