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J.D. slips into a fantasy ("My Night to Remember")

J.D. often drifts into fantasies or daydreams. Those around him are aware of this habit. He says he has no choice but to visualize any image someone suggests. ("My Happy Place") Lucy Bennett also has the tendency to daydream, and other staff of Sacred Heart also slip into fantasies occasionally. See List of fantasies in Scrubs for a complete list.

List of fantasies

Main article: List of fantasies in Scrubs


J.D. fantasies about him and Turk as pimps. ("My Kingdom")

Whenever an idea spurs in his head, J.D. looks up and to the side. He mentally drifts into a fantasy. Usually, the fantasy is somehow related to whatever is happening around him at Sacred Heart or elsewhere. He can drift into a fantasy within a fantasy, and has snapped out of a fantasy, only to find himself in another fantasy.

He does not have control over the content of his fantasies. He often gets hurt or insulted in them, and many "great" ideas he has turn out to be complete failures. His friends, colleagues, and nemeses know about his daydreaming and can use it against him, such as sending him into a daydream to leave him out of a conversation. ("My Happy Place") His daydreaming sometimes annoys his patients, friends, and Dr. Cox. J.D. often voices his thoughts on the fantasy after snapping back to reality. They can be confusing to people around him.


Lucy has a roller-skating fantasy. ("Our Mysteries")

Lucy's method of daydreaming is similar to J.D.'s. She tilts her head and voices comments after snapping back. They are spurred by her own thought process or from things she sees or hears around her.

Other notable fantasies

"His Story II"

Turk's fantasy. ("His Story II")

Turk narrated the episode "His Story II", and has three fantasies.

  • In a parody of Stephen King's IT, Carla is hiding in a mailbox and tries to trick Turk into posting the wedding invites.
  • Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are pulling on Dr. Miller's arms and both her arms fall off. They then fight each other with the arms.
  • Laverne attacks J.D. after he lands a jellybean in between her breasts.

"Her Story"

Elliot's fantasy. ("Her Story")

Elliot narrated the episode "Her Story", and has two fantasies.

  • Molly becomes Wonder Woman when Todd makes a sexual comment. Molly catches the surgeon in the lasso of truth, forcing him to admit he was in a threesome; and not the cool kind.
  • Elliot, being told by Molly about a criminal patient, makes out with the patient.

"Her Story II"

Banshee Carla from "Her Story II"

Carla narrated the episode "Her Story II" and has two fantasies.

  • Carla is insulted, so she turns into a banshee and screams so ferociously that all the glass in the hospital smashes, including Turk, who is nicknamed "Glass man" and Kelso's glasses and cup is shattered too. Janitor, J.D., Turk, and Kelso watch in horror and scream in absolute terror at the banshee Carla.
  • Carla imagines everyone in diapers when she can't stop thinking of babies, including J.D. (who proceeds to wet himself in a diaper).

"My Big Move"

J.D. narrated the episode "My Big Move", but Turk had the only two fantasies in the episode.

  • J.D. and Carla show Turk that their kiss was innocent, but continue to passionately make out.
  • J.D. seductively feeds sweet potato fries to Carla.

"His Story III"

The Hover Hoover from "His Story III"

Janitor narrated the episode "His Story III" and had two fantasies.

  • The Janitor invents the Hover-Hoover, a flying vacuum cleaner which he uses to fly up to the third floor to clean a room for Elliot.
  • The Janitor thinks about what would happen if he wasn't there. The only difference is, that a nurse wouldn't be impregnated by Albino Doctor.

"His Story IV"

Dr. Kelso carries out a Vietnamese woman. ("His Story IV")

Dr. Kelso narrated the episode "His Story IV" and had three fantasies.

  • Dr. Kelso uses Ted's head as a human magic eight ball. However, this is revealed to be real when Ted falls over, dizzy, in another scene.
  • Dr. Kelso walks up to a Vietnamese woman in Navy dress uniform, and carries her off while "Up Where We Belong" Plays (in Vietnamese)
  • A Vietnamese woman in Navy dress uniform walks up to "nurse" Kelso and carries him off while "Up Where We Belong" plays.

"Their Story"

Ted's fantasy. ("Their Story")

Ted, Todd, and Jordan narrated the episode "Their Story". They each had a fantasy.

  • Ted has great hair, which attracts two ladies with whom he makes out with. He then gets stressed out about having to choose conditioner, knocking over some shelves in a grocery store, and accidentally killing his mother.
  • Todd has a conversation with his son, Rod while they both wear banana hammocks. They both admit that they stuff their banana hammocks with socks.
  • Jordan is the host of a talk show entitled "Jordan!". She gets bored by a guest with cancer, and then dances with a girl who looks just like her.

"My Cold Shower"

Dr. Cox married to Elliot. ("My Cold Shower")

J.D. narrated the episode "My Cold Shower", but in response to her getting engaged all the main characters imagine what it would be like to be married to Elliot:

  • Janitor and Elliot have many children.
  • Dr. Cox murders Elliot.
  • Turk sneaks behind Elliot's back and has an affair with Carla.
  • Kelso and Elliot hate each other.
  • Carla and Elliot are a perfectly happy couple.
  • J.D. and Elliot relax together and enjoy each other's company.

"Their Story II"

Denise's fantasy ("Their Story II")

Derek, Sunny, & Denise narrated the episode "Their Story II", but only Derek and Denise had fantasies.

  • Derek watches as Turk rips out a patient's organs in anger at J.D..
  • Denise sees Elliot sing "I told you so" in different languages.

"My Full Moon"

Turk's fantasy ("My Full Moon")

No narration for "My Full Moon" but Turk has a fantasy.

  • Turk is a mechanic working on a patient as if they were a car, and gives advice in a jumpsuit to a patient's family member.


All you have to do is tilt your head to the left, close your eyes, and let your mind soar like an eeeeeagle.J.D. on how to fantasize  ("My Night to Remember")

That was a fun fantasy. I wish it didn't have to end.J.D.  ("My Dumb Luck")

[J.D. drifts into a fantasy.]

Now I'll have to wait for him to snap out of it with some weird comment.Todd  ("Their Story")

We'd have to find a whole lot of gnomes!J.D.
That's helpful.

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