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Enid Kelso was Robert Kelso's obese, mentally-ill, paraplegic wife.


Enid Kelso was Robert Kelso's wife. They met through Dr. Doug Townshend ("My Brother, My Keeper"). It is implied that she once worked as a nurse at Sacred Heart ("My Tormented Mentor") Together they have a son, Harrison, who is gay. She originally wanted to be a psychiatrist but Kelso talked her out of it, saying that it wasn't a job for a family woman. She resented him as a result of this ("My Bed Banter & Beyond"). Enid spent $6000 on a new chin which Kelso needed because of his boosted insurance ("My Journey").

Dr. Kelso often mentioned how much his wife hated him and the feeling appeared to be mutual. Enid kicked Dr. Kelso out of the house after discovering one of his many affairs ("My Hard Labor"). Enid soon went blind due to glaucoma (My Road To Nowhere).

Enid would get randy come springtime so Bob would give his neighbour's Guatemalan houseboy Churro $20 to go in the basement and let Enid chase him around until the juice runs out in her wheelchair.

Enid has passed away, causing Dr. Kelso to return to work. ("Our First Day of School")

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  • Dr. Kelso



  • Enid was never seen in full, but was often referenced.
  • Enid would attend fat camp every year with little result. ("My Case Study")
  • According to Bob Kelso, her burps smelt like pickles and milk. ("My Fishbowl")
  • According to Dr. Cox and Dr. Wen, each year on Enid and Bob's wedding anniversary, the Kelsos would have sex and this makes Bob a nicer person and the hospital staff use the occasion to ask for favors.
  • In one of his flashbacks, Bob Kelso stands admiring a passing nurse and smacks her bottom with his clipboard saying "Foxy, Enid! Hot mama" possibly being a young Enid working as a nurse. ("My Tormented Mentor")
  • Since Enid and Bob's wedding, Enid has gained 136 pounds. ("My Number One Doctor")


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