Elaine was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Elaine was previously diagnosed with a faulty heart, but she was back in Sacred Heart for related side effects. She had formed a pretty good relationship with her doctors J.D. and Perry Cox, and had already faced her own mortality. J.D. spoke with her on what she thought death would be like, and she said that she hoped it would be flashy and elegant like a Broadway musical. Elaine did die due to her heart, and J.D. imagined that she went out in style, singing. ("My Philosophy")

Later on, J.D. reflects on all the patients that had died under his care. He imagines Heaven like a diner and Elaine and all the others sharing a meal together. She describes him as a nervous doctor, but agrees that her death wasn't his fault. ("My First Kill")

Her final appearance was in My Finale. As J.D.'s final day at Sacred Heart comes to a close and he walks to the exit, he pictures all of the friends, patients, and coworkers who left an impact on him during his tenure at the hospital seeing him out and wishing him well. ("My Finale")

Personality Profile


  • Making Dr. Cox mad
  • Broadway musicals


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