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He is to always wear a sign that says #1. It signifies that he is the one med student for which I have hope.Dr. Cox  ("Our First Day of School")

Drew Suffin is a medical student at Winston University. He was a student at another university, but flamed out and disappeared off the grid for a while, traveling and getting into trouble. He is a little mysterious, which might explain why Denise Mahoney has begun dating him. Dr. Cox is sarcastically over-enthused with Drew's potential. Drew often has to talk sense into Lucy Bennett and has to put up with Cole Aaronson's frat-boy nonsense.

Drew is portrayed by Michael Mosley, and appeared in all thirteen Season Nine episodes.


Drew with Cole and Denise. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

Drew had attended medical school ten years ago at Shoremont University where he was at the top of the class. He left med school not with a fizzle but with a bang. After using many underhanded techniques to get ahead of his other students, Drew tackled the keynote speaker at his White Coat Ceremony, having not been chosen to give it himself, before storming off through the audience repeating "you'd better recognize." ("Our White Coats") He is now giving it a second go. His age makes him cynical and his decisions have made him slightly anti-social, but he is still seen as a dedicated student by faculty and staff, and a rival to Cole Aaronson. He has become Dr. Cox's favorite student to pester at Winston U. Cox forces him to wear a shirt, previously a paper sign, that said "#1" because Cox expected him to be the only student that could deliver.

Drew in his original med school. ("Our White Coats")

After dropping out of school the first time, Drew has been in prison which he describes as "cold", lived alone in Alaska for one year and almost had no human contact except for an Eskimo boy who sold him salmon jerky and painkillers, set a shrimp boat on fire, gotten a mysterious tattoo, worked as a Doula in Spain for two years, and has been shot by a 12 year-old at a petting zoo.

Drew is married to an unknown woman and currently trying to get divorced from her. ("Our True Lies")


Drew and Denise kiss. ("Our New Girl-Bro")

Denise Mahoney

Drew and Denise Mahoney began as sex-buddies, but are currently in a relationship. They both like to keep to themselves, but J.D., Turk, and Dr. Kelso tried to get them to connect to each other and understand that human interaction is vital to survival. ("Our Drunk Friend") However, Denise realized that she started to have feelings for Drew. The two are officially a couple. ("Our New Girl-Bro") Drew tells Denise he loves her and after a lot of thought Denise admits she loves Drew as well. ("Our True Lies")

Cox speaks with Drew. ("Our Dear Leaders")

Doctor Cox

Drew is the #1 Med Student of Dr. Perry Cox and Cox expects more of him than any other. Drew tried to stick up to Dr. Cox for the weaker medical students, later J.D. suggested to Dr. Cox he should take an interest in one of them. ("Our First Day of School") Dr. Cox now expects Drew to wear a #1 sign at all times and even send him photos of Drew wearing it every ten minutes. ("Our Drunk Friend") Dr. Cox replaced the paper sign with a pink t-shirt that says #1. When Drew froze while a patient was coding, Dr. Cox lost all hope. J.D. convinced him to give Drew a second chance, and during class the next day Dr. Cox called on him and told him to wear the shirt the next day. He then gave Drew a pat on the back. ("Our Role Models").


J.D. doesn't like Drew. He is extremely jealous of Drew due to all the attention and praise Dr. Cox gives to him. This causes J.D. to be very snarky and paranoid when it comes to Drew, even going as far as to thinking Drew is trying to make him jealous by mentioning the neck on his #1 shirt is tight and the fact that he had been to Madrid. Drew on the other hand has no knowledge of J.D.'s jealousy or his past endeavors of trying to gain Dr. Cox's attention. This causes Drew to not understand why J.D. is mean to him. Despite his jealousy towards Drew, J.D. convinces Dr. Cox to give Drew a second chance after he freezes while a patient is coding. This restores Dr. Cox and Drew's relationship, which makes J.D. happy until Dr. Cox gives Drew a pat on the back.

Personality Profile

Lucy, Cole, and Drew in the morgue. ("Our First Day of School")



  • Being given nicknames
  • Alcohol ("Our Couples")
  • The No.1 sign he has to wear
  • Having to bond with people
  • Public restrooms



  • Drew does not drink or drive. ("Our Drunk Friend")
  • Drew was an alcoholic. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")
  • Drew lived in a gas station bathroom for a month. ("Our True Lies")
  • In casting, his character was described as "a Bill Murray type."
  • Life has taught Drew many things: It’s easier to kill a man when he’s already dead, Mozambique has no extradition relationship with the United States, and everything tastes better with Vietnamese rooster sauce. (
  • Drew had a "bald, black guy" phase.
  • Drew's dad used to dress up like his mom and yell "am I pretty, am I pretty, am I pretty!"("Our Driving Issues")
  • Drew's parents think he is dead ("Our True Lies")
  • Drew only has three items in his possession: a hat, a pack of ramen, and a car battery, which he keeps in a box.
  • Drew and Turk are Nachbros.

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