Dr. Rotinaj is a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


When J.D. discovers that someone stole his video camera with the footage from "Dr. Acula" and they put it on the hospital website. J.D. sees the name Rotinaj on the hospital website and assumes it's Janitor (later revealed to be true). But just at that moment, the actual Dr. Rotinaj enters the room and Janitor says "Morning, Dr. Rotinaj" much to the surprise of J.D. Dr. Rotinaj then replies back to Janitor "Good morning, Mr. Cleanup Man". Due to Dr. Rotinaj's accent, he may be Indian. ("My Urologist")

Personality Profile


  • Saying hello to people


  • Dr. Rotinaj is on Dr. Cox's Sometimes Allowed list. ("My New Role")
  • Rotinaj is Janitor spelt backwards, suggesting that Dr. Rotinaj is one of Janitor's alter egos.
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