Dr. Matthews is a gynecologist at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Matthews is Elliot's, Carla's and Jordan's gynecologist. He is a very attractive man and some men get jealous when he helps out their partners.

He helped Carla give birth to Izzy, and ordered an immediate C-Section. ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby") Later the same year when Jordan was giving birth to Jennifer Dylan Cox, he helped her through her C-section by drugging her up. ("My Long Goodbye")


  • Dr. Matthews appeared in J.D.'s last Sacred Heart fantasy. ("My Finale")
  • Carla originally did not find him that good looking until she looked him in the eyes.
  • Most older women tell him that they are 29 years old. Only Carla and Jordan were confirmed to have told him this, but he claimed that he has seen a lot of 29 year old women.
  • He is the only man at Sacred Heart confirmed to be an OB/Gyn.
  • Dr. Matthews is one of only two male characters to receive the slow-mo intro, along with Sean Kelly.


You have it on the chart that he called me a bitch because he wanted to drink more alcohol, right?Carla

I don't really have a section for that.Dr. Matthews

Well, put it under family history! It's part of ours now!Carla

I'm twenty-nine.Carla

You know, I've been seeing a lot of twenty-nine-year-olds lately. Like her.Dr. Matthews
*twirls hair*: Call me JJ''Jordan

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