Dr. Green is the head of the plastic surgery department at Sacred Heart Hospital.


When Carla had Turk shave his mustache, she did not know he had a mole on his upper lip. She agreed to change her last name to "Turk" when they got married if he agreed to get his mole surgically removed. They both agreed, and Dr. Green was in surgery ready to remove the mole, when Carla burst in and the two confessed that they didn't want the surgery or to change Carla's name. Dr. Green, upset that he wasted an open surgical slot, removed a bunion from Elliot's foot. ("My Screw Up")

Dr. Green doesn't distinguish between right and wrong in plastic surgery procedures, especially when the check clears. When Rosie Myler brought her daughter Stephanie Myler to Sacred Heart to have breast implants, Turk became upset and complained to Dr. Green. Dr. Green told Todd that he would crush Turk if he complained to anyone else. After Turk spoke with Stephanie and realized that she really wanted the procedure and got off Dr. Green's case, Dr. Green was still civil with him. ("Their Story")

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