J.D. imagining acting out Dr. Acula. ("My Urologist")

Turk and J.D. act out Dr. Acula. ("My Urologist")

Dr. Acula is a vampire screenplay written by J.D., starring him as a vampire doctor. The title of the screenplay is formed by taking "Dracula", and separating "Dr" from it - forming "Dr. Acula".


Dr. Acula was first mentioned in "My Missed Perception", where the hospital picture doesn't come out, and the Janitor suggests that the hospital is full of vampire doctors. J.D then suspects that the Janitor knows about his screenplay, Dr. Acula. J.D. is very proud of his screenplay, especially after he is told by Dr. Cox that he has read it and did not hate it, although the screenplay is later burned by the Janitor using the sun and a magnifying glass. J.D. also attempts to make the film version of this, but there are problems after J.D. and Turk argue over who should play 'Dr. Acula' and his assistant. The Janitor later steals the video camera used to film Dr. Acula, and uses it to catch Dr. Kelso vandalizing his van, possibly recording over some of the footage.

Real-world mentions of Dr. Acula

  • Dr. Acula is referenced in the Zynga Game Vampire Wars. It is named in an achievement named Calling Dr. Acula which the player gains by increasing his/her characters health to 3 separate levels.
  • Comedian Mitch Hedberg tells jokes involving a Dr. Acula in his 2003 show Mitch All Together. The first episode that Dr. Acula appeared in was aired in 2006 ("My Missed Perception") meaning the writers almost certainly were inspired by Hedberg.
  • There is a New York deathcore band named Dr. Acula. One of their 2008 promotional images sports the band operating in a hospital while covered in blood, treating a member of the group.
  • At Bran Castle in Transylvania, among the many souvenir T-shirts available is one with a picture of a heart that reads, "Dr. Acula/Romanian Cardiologist."


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