Dr. Doug Townshend was a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Townshend was friendly enough with the Janitor that he made him stop harassing J.D. and protect him from various hospital-related mistakes. Kelso, after looking through Townshend's patients (after one is seriously injured during a simple checkup procedure), discovers that his patients aren't on modern or up-to-date forms of medicine and treatment regimens. Townshend confessed that he was "too tired" to keep up with new developments in medicine. Kelso reluctantly gave him early retirement. Janitor, no longer under Townshend's control, flipped J.D.'s car on its roof in retaliation. ("My Brother, My Keeper")


Dr. Doug Townshend is Dr. Kelso's close friend, colleague and opposite (the "Anti-Kelso") in terms of being pleasant, friendly and having a much more relaxed work ethic than Kelso. Townsend introduced Kelso to his wife, Enid, for which he continually apologizes. Townshend also has good relations with everybody in the hospital; the doctors, the nurses, the attendings and support staff (including the Janitor's gang).


  • "Townsie", coined by J.D. (who continued to use it in his head even after Dr. Townshend told him he couldn't call him that)
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