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Hey, J.D. You keep wheelin' em in, I'll keep wheelin' em out.Doug

Dr. Doug Murphy, portrayed by Johnny Kastl, appears as a supporting character in 49 episodes of Scrubs. He was first seen in the episode "My Mentor" and was last seen in "My Soul on Fire, Part 2". It is assumed he is working at New Sacred Heart as a pathologist, but makes no appearances in Season Nine.

Doug Murphy is a pathologist who works for Sacred Heart Hospital. He started as a medical intern the same year as Turk, J.D. and Elliot but was very inept as a doctor, accidentally killing many of his patients, but his repeated exposure to death is what ultimately led him to pathology.


Rough years as a doctor

2001 Intern
2002 Resident

(Repeats year of residency)
Became Pathologist

2005 Attending Pathologist

Doctor Doug Murphy once an incompetent medical intern, now a gifted pathologist. He was so inept in fact he lost virtually every patient with whom he comes in contact. (e.g., ordering 500,000 milligrams of morphine for a patient). Dr. Cox once noted that Doug had "killed so many patients, I'm starting to think that he just might be a government operative." He is also extremely nervous and unsure of himself. Once, Dr. Kelso mentioned he overheard Doug telling a patient, "Stop bleeding, stop bleeding, oh dear God, please stop bleeding."

Doug demonstrates his knowledge of pathology. ("My Malpractical Decision")

Entering Pathology

After being the only person in the history of Sacred Heart Hospital to repeat his third year of residency, he transferred from internal medicine to pathology. It is revealed that Doug is an expert coroner due to his experience with death: He botched so many procedures on his living patients that he has seen most of the ways that people can die. He joined the pathology department with Dr. Walch. ("My Malpractical Decision") Once, Dr. Kelso even congratulated him for going 4 days without killing a patient and gave him a cupcake. His skill at diagnosing cause of death is nearly to the level of a savant, a skill that was discovered by Elliot after trying to save Doug's career. Doug also has several means of death named after him: On his first visit to the morgue he identifies a patient's cause of death instantaneously, explaining his accuracy by pointing out "Upstairs they call that a 'Doug'!".

Doug ruins Harry Potter for Dr. Kelso. ("My Number One Doctor")


This has not prevented him from still making mistakes such as forgetting his gurney ("My Buddy's Booty"), misplacing a dead body ("My Extra Mile") or waiting too long to get a patient before rigor mortis sets in (during Laverne Roberts' autopsy he left his cell phone in her body ("My Words of Wisdom")). He is under the impression that the dead bodies in the morgue are out to get him, after several of them fell on him (leading to him breaking both his feet on more than one occasion) ("My Drive-By"). Doug even used to tag people before they were dead (out of boredom) (My Day At The Races). He also has been seen playing Texas Hold'em with dead bodies, and using one as a beverage holder, because it "keeps it cool". Doug once lost the keys to his Miata in a cadaver. ("My Big Bird") He also purposely abandons a dead body in the parking lot. ("My Musical") Dr. Cox takes special pleasure in tormenting him, calling him "Nervous Guy" or "Pee Pants"; these names stick even after Doug finally finds his confidence. He also once referred to him as "Mr. Murphy" instead of the otherwise earned title of 'Doctor'. ("My Advice to You") He also eats a lot of lollipops, as do the rest of the morgue employees. Elliot referred to the morgue guys as "cliquey". ("My Transition") Keith Dudemeister said he wished he had cool morgue friends.

Personal life

Doug, as a member of the Brain Trust. ("My Waste of Time")

He is often seen hanging out with the hospital's lawyer, Ted Buckland, as they both enjoy biking and competing in triathlons and share a resentment of Dr. Kelso. However, after Danni Sullivan makes out with both of them at Turk and Carla's wedding, they have come to blows on several occasions. Doug enjoys being a member of the Brain Trust but is often pushed out by new members. He dislikes when Lloyd takes his spot. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1") He spent time alone in a morgue drawer when he did not receive an invitation to Janitor's wedding in the Bahamas because Ted (who was in charge of invites) forgot to give it to him. The rest of the Brain Trust didn't seem to miss him though. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

Personality Profile


Doug hold Danni's gum. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

  • Fanny Packs
  • Lollipops
  • Danni
  • Collared Shirts
  • Feet (except dead ones) ("My Manhood")


  • Dr. Kelso
  • Dead people
  • Dead people who aren't dead
  • Dead people who are dead
  • When other people come into the morgue and play with the dead people.
  • Being out of the Brain Trust
  • Ted Buckland


Doug as an intern on Halloween. ("My Big Brother")


  • Doug's surname, "Murphy" may be a reference to "Murphy's law" that "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
  • Ted and Doug are bike-pals, and both kissed Danni at Turk's wedding.
  • His parents live in Reno.
  • Doug was the first Resident in the hospital to have to repeat a year as a Resident because he did so horribly, but he stayed positive about it.
  • Although pathologists also deal with living patients as well (giving diagnoses through blood, urine, and tissue samples), Doug is never seen treating any after changing his specialty.
  • Doug is the only long term recurring character not to appear in "My Finale".
  • Doug, Carla Espinosa, and Nurse Shirley are the only major character not to appear in Season Nine.

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