Donny works at Coffee Bucks.


Donny is never shown, but he works at Coffee Bucks. Whenever Dr. Kelso needs a muffin fix, he just yells to Donny and a muffin comes flying from off-screen. Donny seems to like Kelso, as when Dr. Cox insulted Kelso he threw a muffin at his head. This makes him one of the few characters willing to stand up to him. The only time Donny is ever heard is when Kelso asks him if his "free muffins for life" include scones, to which Donny replied "No."

Kelso's Orders

  • Donny ("My ABC's")
  • Donny, I'm out. ("My ABC's")
  • Donny, I need a way-homer. ("My ABC's")
  • Donny, muffin please!
  • Donny, I need a double chocolate blaster!
  • Donny, four roadie's please!


  • Donny is an ex-con, and has shived a man. ("My Finale")
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