He's like a male Halle Berry!J.D.

Derek Hill is a surgical intern at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Turk welcomes Derek. ("Their Story II")

Derek always prides himself for being honest, so when J.D. passed his narration to Derek, he internally struggled with telling his new bosses what he really thought of them. He was upset that Turk, who should have been a role model for him, was so upset about J.D.'s new promotion. He was also undressed with Carla's eyes, and he had a problem with her not supporting her husband. He also wasn't a fan of Dr. Cox enjoying other people's misery. ("Their Story II")

Derek has an extremely large ego. When he is removing fluid from Mrs. Emmitt's lungs, he tells Denise to "witness perfection". He accidentally collapses her lung and Turk must help him. Mrs. Emmitt tells him that she wants a "real doctor" to fix her lung, which crushes Derek. Denise, who is attracted to guys with low self-esteem, hooks up with Derek for this reason. ("My Full Moon")


Derek listens to J.D. ("Their Story II")


  • Derek is the character with the fewest appearances to narrate an episode. His first episode, "Their Story II" was partially narrated by him.

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