Denise Lemmon was a EMT and ambulance driver for Sacred Heart Hospital.


Denise first became an EMT after she has an experience with helpful EMTs at an accident she was involved with. Dr. Cox is forced to ride in an ambulance with her in order to fulfill his community service requirements. Denise talks all of the time and seems to be perpetually happy, and both of these personality aspects prove to annoy Dr. Cox to no end. Dr. Cox later finds out that her son had died and her talking was her way of moving on and getting some other human contact. He then has sympathy for her, allowing her spend some time with Jack. ("My Last Chance")

Personality Profile


  • Her son
  • Her job
  • Talking


  • The Big Easy
  • New Orleans


  • Her nickname "The Big Easy" was first used in high school because, as Denise jokes, she "was a huge slut. I did everybody."
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