Super. I'll be by my giant pretend phone, pretending to give a crap.Dr. Norris

Dr. David Norris is a pediatrician at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Norris is said to be the best pediatrician at Sacred Heart. Dr. Cox and Jordan go to him when they are searching for a pediatrician for Jack. Dr. Norris is annoyed by this because he already has a huge patient load and, believe they are using their postions of authority in the hospital to force him to take Jack as a patient, treats the couple poorly. Norris uses dolls to comunicate with his patients and has a large variety of dolls and toys for children. It is insinuated by some characters that his obsession with dolls is more for himself than the kids. He is very protective of his toys, refering to them as collectables, and does admit caring deeply for them, even asking Dr Cox if he could have one of his. Dr. Cox ends up liking him, but when Jack develops a cough, he won't stop pestering Dr. Norris to check out his son. Dr. Norris in turn, tells him to set an appointment. This brings Dr. Cox to drastic measures when Jack's cough persists, including stealing one of Dr. Norris' treasured dolls. Later, Dr. Norris explains to Dr. Cox that he wasn't treating Jack like an urgent case because he has the sniffles and that Dr. Cox is the worst kind of parent, being a doctor himself, he knows all of the things that can happen to his son. ("My White Whale")

Dr. Norris is very arrogant and intelligent, and he cares for his patients but he also is swamped because of the amount of kids he has to deal with. Carla said that he is perhaps the only person on Earth more obnoxious than Dr. Cox.


Dr. Norris is married and has a daughter, who ironically hates dolls.

Personality Profile


  • Dolls
  • Mr. Cookiepants
  • Stuffed animals
  • His patients


  • Obnoxious Parents (Dr. Cox is in the top five)


  • Dr. Norris is played by Christopher Meloni, who plays Det. Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
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