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Sorry, sometimes I just have this inner monologue running through my head.Danni

Inner monologue? Weirdo!J.D.'s narration  (My Advice to You)

Danni Sullivan dated J.D. for a short while. She is the sister of Jordan and the late Ben Sullivan. Danni narrates her life in her head, just like J.D..

Character History

Meeting J.D.

When J.D. first met her, Danni seemed to have several similar characteristics that he had. Both narrated their lives in their heads, and they both recently got out of relationships and promised each other to move on from the people they still had feelings for.

Danni called her ex-boyfriend to get rid of him for good, but J.D. delayed in putting Elliot out of his mind. Danni was just visiting town because her sister (who turned out to be Jordan) just had a baby, and when she was leaving, she hinted to J.D. that if he wanted her to stay around she would. He eventually asked her out for coffee, and found out that she is a Sullivan. ("My Advice to You")

J.D. and Danni went on several more dates and began sleeping together. Perry walked in on them once, and he was appalled when J.D. attempted to hide 'lil' buddy' from him, using a picture of his son. Jordan forced Perry to go on double dates with them, and he was extremely upset until he decided to inform Danni that J.D. slept with Jordan. Later, J.D. tried to explain and Danni said it was alright and that she was falling in love with him, to which he asked her if she wanted to get some 'pineapple pizza'. The next day she was standoffish toward him, and he found out it was that he didn't respond appropriately to her when she told him that she loved him. ("My Fifteen Seconds")

Moving in with J.D.

Days later, while watching The Fugitive with Carla and J.D., she seemed distant and not too loving toward him. She and Carla finished the movie in the other room because J.D. was talking too much. ("My Friend the Doctor") Soon after, Danni walked in on Perry and Jordan having sex, so she decided to move out temporarily because it was awkward at home. J.D. let her crash at his place, but he soon realized that she meant for it to be more permanent than he did.("My Rule of Thumb")

Shortly thereafter, Danni started telling J.D. that she loved him. J.D. didn't want to lead her on any long in the relationship, but was reluctant to end it because he liked the sex. When he finally worked up the courage to break up with her, Jordan informed him that Danni had already dumped him. He ran in to her later at Sacred Heart and asked her why, and she showed him that it was because she overheard a conversation he had with Elliot, where she realized that J.D. prioritized Elliot much higher than herself. ("My Clean Break")

Post-Breakup & Rebound

Danni came back to Sacred Heart a few weeks later for her nephew Jack's birthday party. J.D. was awkward around her and blurted out that he destroyed their America's Funniest Home Videos tape. Danni then attended her brother Ben's funeral when he passed away due to complications from his unchecked leukemia. ("My Screw Up")

J.D. and Danni began seeing each other again due to loneliness. Danni revealed to J.D. that she is actually a chain smoker and just hid it from him so he would like her, but she decided to let the "real her" out for him this time. He did not like being seen with her, and tried to drive her away at the bar. ("My Choosiest Choice of All") They broke up, however, when J.D. heard her yelling her own name during sex, although she later revealed that she was cheating on him with a guy named Danny. ("My Fault")


Danni at Turk and Carla's wedding. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

After his falling-out with Elliot, J.D. sought her for relationship, but it didn't pan out. ("My Self-Examination") Danni crashed Turk and Carla's wedding since she RSVPed on J.D.'s invite. She made out with Doug Murphy and later Ted, and they fought over her in the church. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

Six years later, Jordan revealed that Danni married a guy named Bert who later died, but she received nothing from his passing. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")


Perry Cox

Danni is Dr. Perry Cox's ex-sister-in-law, and Perry gets annoyed when Danni has a relationship with J.D., probably for two reasons; Perry doesn't want to know about his ex-sister-in-law's boyfriends and what they get up to, and secondly just because he doesn't want to see any more of J.D.. Danni seems to enjoy bothering him ("My Quarantine").


J.D. tries to dump Danni, but can't. ("My Clean Break")

Danni met J.D. in a hospital elevator. Shortly after that, he asked her out, a situation made more complicated when he discovered she was Jordan's sister. They both dated for a short time, annoying Perry, before she broke up with him because he still had feelings for Elliot. Then they got back together after Elliot got back with Sean, but they didn't really like each other. They soon broke up again for good at which point Danni starts dating the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld.


Danni only knows him briefly. She goes to Turk's wedding where she made out with Ted and Doug, causing them to have a fight. She also threw up on Turk's "Gram-gram".

Ted & Doug

Ted and Danni meet and make out at Turk's wedding after which she doesn't talk to him ever again, although Ted still fights with Doug over her.

Personality Profile

Danni hates painting pottery, even though it doesn't look like it. ("My Fifteen Seconds")




  • Danni snores.
  • She has exceptional hearing. J.D. has remarked that "she hears like a bat", only to tell Turk something, and her telling him that she heard it. After that J.D. remarks again, "Like a bat!"
  • Danni was prone to moaning her own name during sex with J.D., although later we learn she was actually moaning the name of a guy she was cheating on J.D. with whose name is Danny.
  • Danni has a skull lighter, among others.
  • She looks in the beer can she drank from to see if there is any beer left in it.
  • Although Danni has an inner monologue, it has not been prevalent in any episode other than "My Advice to You".
  • Danni gets gassy after sex.

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