Dan Stonewater was supporting his mother at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dan checked his mother, Mrs. Stonewater, into Sacred Heart when she started showing signs of paranoia. He was initially put off by J.D.'s quirks, but found he was a good doctor when he had to break the unfortunate news that his mother had Huntington's Disease, a degenerative brain disease. J.D. also informed him that the disease was hereditary and recommended that Dan get tested. After thinking about it, Dan decided not to have the test performed. His rationale was that he didn't want to live life limited under stress about something unavoidable. He said he might have it done in due time, but that he just wanted to be free of that burden. ("My Finale")


  • In the final script his name was Van, but this obviously has been changed to Dan in the aired version, probably because the name was used for Bill Lawrence's character Van in "My Soul on Fire, Part 2".
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