I'm sorry, I don't know your name and you look like that Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.Dr. Kelso  ("My Jiggly Ball")

Coleman Slawski, also known as Colonel Doctor, is a doctor at New Sacred Heart Hospital and the father of Lloyd Slawski.


J.D. had never known Slawski's name until the Janitor dared J.D. to learn all the staff members' names. ("My Identity Crisis")

As of 2009, Dr. Slawski is "sort of" two years sober. ("My New Role")

We are told that "Coleman Slawski" is incidentally J.D's favorite name ever. ("My Identity Crisis")

The Janitor likes to mess with his head by watching security tapes of the men's room and correctly guessing the exact number of times he goes to the washroom.

He makes an appearance in J.D's last fantasy at Sacred Heart, giving his trademark "a-ok" sign.

After Sacred Heart was torn down, Dr. Slawski began working at New Sacred Heart. He is briefly seen in the new opening sequence of the show, standing behind J.D. and treating a patient. ("Our First Day of School")

Personality Profile



  • Slawski gained the name "Colonel Doctor" because he looks very similar to Colonel Sanders, the man on the KFC logo. His name, Coleman Slawski, is a pun on Coleslaw, a side dish served there.


  • In "My Perspective" it is revealed that he is the father of Lloyd the Delivery Guy.
  • Glenn Matthews dared J.D. to learn his name, even though the "Colonel Doctor" name was coined specifically because Kelso did not know his name either.
  • Slawski seems to be disliked by many in the hospital; he had been turned down by Elliot Reid: Moment Killer as she was handing out wedding invitations for her marriage to Keith "the Dude" Dudemeister and not being allowed to attend JD's Baptism.
  • In Italy, KFC restaurants are not very popular, so in the Italian version of episode My Jiggly Ball, Dr. Kelso refers to him as "Captain", saying that he reminds him of the "fishsticks guy". The reference is to Captain Birdseye, mascot of the Birds Eye fishsticks, very popular in Italy under the name of "Capitan Findus". In other appearances, he is normally referred to as "Colonel".

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Colonel Slawski appears as a background actor in many episodes of Scrubs but has speaking roles in:

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