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Look, I don't know what Orlando-based boy band rejected you, but you'll do what I tell you.Denise Mahoney  ("Our Drunk Friend")

Cole Aaronson is a surgical student at Winston University. He made his way into the program because his wealthy parents funded additions to the New Sacred Heart Hospital. He is spoiled and has a frat-boy mentality. He rarely respects his professors Dr. Cox or Turk, but the two do scare some sense into him. He is currently in a relationship with Lucy Bennett despite his airheadedness.

Cole is portrayed by Dave Franco and was a main character of all thirteen episodes of Season Nine.


Cole with a patient ("Our Histories")

Cole's family donated a large portion of money to build the New Sacred Heart Hospital, so he didn't have any problem getting accepted into Winston University. Cole easily makes enemies, because he feels entitled to do whatever he pleases. This upsets his professors, Denise Mahoney, and classmates. He is womanizing and uses his mother as his "wingmom" to score chicks. ("Our Drunk Friend") He wants to be the best unless it requires a lot of work. When Dr. Cox took an interest in Drew Suffin, Cole warned him to watch his back. ("Our Role Models") He has a lot of connections, and threw a party for the faculty and students of Winston U. Although he ditched an assignment to attend the party, he returned on his own will. ("Our Histories") He is gullible at times. When he believed that he was at the bottom of the class, Dr. Cox had him do "extra credit" to make up points. He did a lot of disgusting tasks, proving that he isn't just a rich kid but that he does have some determination. However, if he does fail out of med school he will be cut off financially. ("Our New Girl-Bro") Cole has shown frequents strengths for the medical profession, such as when he used his good bedside manner to complete a task, with ease, (patient interview) that the other students all failed to complete.

Cole was diagnosed with melanoma when the mole on his chest was shown to be skin cancer. He pretended that it wasn't serious. In the end the mole was removed and he was deemed medically fine. ("Our Driving Issues")


Lucy and Cole "studying". ("Our Mysteries")

Lucy Bennett

Cole and Lucy Bennett are dating. On their first day of med school, Cole slept with her and took a naked photo of her. Lucy thought he could be a sweet guy but when she found out about the photo she got upset. ("Our First Day of School") The two continue to sleep together, but it sometimes upsets her when he acts selfish. She finds his body extremely attractive so she doesn't break it off with him. ("Our Role Models") ("Our Histories") Their relationship has remained steady for over a quarter. ("Our New Girl-Bro") He brags to everyone that he is sleeping with her, not because he sees her as a conquest but because he is shocked a girl like her would even consider sleeping with him, Lucy decides he is her boyfriend and sets about changing him. ("Our Couples") Despite being self-centered to many, he shows genuine concern for Lucy and even took the fall for her when she cheated in a test. ("Our True Lies")

Cole and Dr. Kelso bond. ("Our Driving Issues")

Dr. Kelso

Dr. Kelso appears to be the only member of Winston University staff that likes Cole. They have hung out at Kelso's "love nest", had drinks together, and went out trolling for ladies at the airport bar. ("Our Mysteries") Kelso also seems to be the only person Cole can open up to and confide in. Cole was unwilling to tell anyone he was scared about his melanoma surgery until he had time to talk to Kelso. Because of this, Kelso has taken somewhat of a mentor role to Cole. Using his own life experience, Kelso convinces Cole to start showing the people he cares about how he really feels about them, rather than shutting everyone out so they will be there for him when times are hard. ("Our Driving Issues")

Cole being disrespectful to Turk. ("Our First Day of School")

Winston University faculty

Professors do not like Cole. Dr. Cox finds him to be extremely obnoxious and even lies with Drew Suffin to make Cole look like a fool. ("Our New Girl-Bro") Denise Mahoney dislikes him because he not only hits on her a lot, but also disrespects her playing not obeying and insisting that he is more important because his parents built the hospital. Dr. Turk also dislikes him for playing the parent-card and for not treating patients with dignity. ("Our First Day of School") Even J.D. finds him creepy, pushy and off-putting.

Personality Profile



  • Putting in effort
  • Touching bread ("Our Histories")
  • An embarrassing situation where he crashes his mini-bike (which is caught on film)


Dr. Cox is angry at Cole. ("Our White Coats")


  • During casting, his name was Cole McCallister.
  • Cole doesn't know that Dr. Kelso slept with his mom.
  • Cole has kissed a man, and it is likely that he wanted to. ("Our True Lies")
  • Cole went to ADD camp. ("Our True Lies")
  • In "My Dirty Secret" Doug has a patient named Mr. Aaronson who died. It is unknown if he was a relative of Cole.



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