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Coffee Bucks is a chain of coffee shops in the Doozer universe, seen in both Scrubs and Cougar Town. Dr. Kelso had one installed inside Sacred Heart Hospital as a way to make more money. There are also many other locations across the United States. Coffee Bucks sells coffees, pastries, and muffins.


Janitor working at Coffee Bucks. ("My Coffee")

Already a popular and successful franchise, Dr. Kelso decided to open a Coffee Bucks inside the hospital as a way to increase profitability. It became a popular hangout for hospital staff and patients. Janitor was upset that the baristas had a dental plan but the custodial staff did not, so he and his team all got jobs at the coffee shop and neglected their cleaning duties until Kelso caved and gave them a dental plan. ("My Coffee")

Coffee Bucks became a recurring hangout for the staff of Sacred Heart. The Brain Trust began holding their meetings at the coffee shop and many employees took their breaks there.

Bob gives advice to Sunny in Coffee Bucks. ("Our Final Advice")

In 2007, Dr. Kelso won free muffins for life from Coffee Bucks. ("My Number One Doctor") After he quit his position as Chief of Medicine, he continued to hang out in Coffee Bucks and give advice to Dr. Cox as he took over his job and the other staff members. At the same time, he enjoyed eating his free muffins from Donny. ("My Jerks") Elliot and J.D. ran into Kelso hanging out at another Coffee Bucks in San DiFrangeles while he was supposedly out "living life" but he was too embarrassed to admit that he enjoyed his life in Coffee Bucks. The two also decided to start dating again at the coffee shop. ("My Happy Place") When he decided to get back into medicine, Dr. Kelso stole his favorite chair and table from the coffee shop. ("My Finale")


  • Coffee Bucks is an obvious parody of Starbucks.
  • Cups from Coffee Bucks have appeared in Cougar Town.