Cindy is the barista at the Coffee Bucks in Sacred Heart .


Cindy first appears when Sacred Heart opens its own Coffee Bucks at the hospital. She may have worked at a previous Coffee Bucks location as she had had previous experience working with Cabbage. At some point before starting at the Sacred Heart location, She was severly burned by Cabbage when he accidentally spilled steamed milk on her right hand. According to Cabbage her bones were visible, but she was able to work by the time she started at the hospital, although her hand was still bandaged("My Coffee").

When the pastry maker for Coffee Bucks was admitted to Sacred Heart with the stomach flu, she announced that the coffee shop was going to be closing temporarily ("My Cuz").

When J.D. had his son Sammy at the hospital and was with Elliot, Cindy said that Sammy looked like "them", despite Elliot not being Sammy's mother ("My Waste of Time").

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